Elastique crackles/artifacts when using warp markers in 9.01

I already posted this in the bug reports but it miraculously hasnt appeared in that section.

When using warp markers to timestretch elastique algorithm produces crackles and artifacts that are also present in render audio. If i open the same edited files in 8.5.2 all is normal without any issues. TRied different elastique algorithms, different files always clicky.

This specially happens with sustained material like guitars or bass.

I really hope this wont take a whole year again (like it did with previous elastique issues in v7 era) because the warp stretching is useless at this point with 9.01

Seconding this; Audio Warp is essentially unusable right now. Pop & crackle city.

Confirming this.
Is it a bug?
Back to 8.5.2…

Disappointed, I was so glad another bug was solved in 9 (Lock punch points to locators not remembered)

F*ck! This just happened to me now… Just wasted 20 minutes on freewarping a file… and now it sounds like crap with crackles.

Thanks for posting this, I had this occur with a file I was working on and thought I was doing something wrong.

It is also in the Bug report area, but there has been no response from anyone at Steinberg: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=254&t=108344

Im also still waiting for a response from Steinberg supportregarding this issue. Ive sent it on 12th of December- 17 days and still nothing :open_mouth:

If this doesnt get fixed in the next maintenance update Ill start considering other alternatives :imp:

Any day now it’ll get moved to “Collected Bugs” with its own [CAN] number and everything.

Any day now…

Confirmed here as well. :frowning:

By any chance, do you guys know if it also happens when you apply “Set Definition from Tempo” to an audio file and then adjust the tempo map?

same problem here - any workarounds?

At this moment the only workaround is to use a previous version of Cubase if you want to use elastique .

You can use cubases native algorithms for the moment in v9 but I find them to produce more artifacts than elastique (with the exception of solo algorithm that is also used for variaudio)

It was said that this issue is planned to be fixed in the next (9.0.20) update,so lets hope it will be.

Cubase Update 9.0.20: “CAN-6011 Fixed an issue where using AudioWarp could lead to audible artefacts”

Can anyone confirm that this is fixed also for Free Warping?

Is 8.5.30 ok or also broken? I get artifacts in 8.5.30 when using elastique pro to speed up things. 8.5.20 seems ok.

Same question :slight_smile:

From what ive been able to collect the projects that were crackling here in 9.0.10 play normally now, so i guess its fixed. Ill try to do some more tests and report if I find anything faulty.

Great, thx.

If you had a chance to check"Set Definition From Tempo" and report back, I’d be grateful!

Dont know about that one, but I see in release history that Tempo Detection that was crashing with longer file seems to be fixed.

I just Did the time warp again :slight_smile: and it works great in 9.0.20
Finally I can get on finishing a few projects.

Set Definition from tempo seems fine as well