Steinberg! elastique! pops! crackles! still here!

I remind you that elastique (cubase 13.0.41) is still broken in cubase and nuendo, as I understand it since it was added to cubase/nuendo!
people have been writing about crackles and pops on the forum since 2015 (or maybe earlier). And the problem is still here:

Warp marker with elastique pitch pop/crackle noises with example (video proof)

to reveal this effect, you just need to stretch the audio, change it by pitch, and add fades/crossfades, and crackles are guaranteed! always! (I know that it is possible to switch between elastique modes, and this will temporarily save me from clicks, but then they will still return.)

I checked on Windows and mac, amd and intel, different sound cards and RAM, the problem is still here

I love cubase, and I use it for sound design, everything in it works well except elastique, which I use regularly


Yup. Most recently working on a vocal for warping. Bounced a phrase, made some adjustments, everything seemed ok until I tried increasing the gain on the clip. Then the pop started. Put the gain back to zero and pop went away. Similar to your fade-in YT clip.

Hey. I made one of that reports but that issue was fixed in the v9 cycle and I luckily havent came across it since then.

Can confirm this also happens in Nuendo. Reported years ago, with proof and reproduction steps. Nothing’s been done about it, I wouldn’t hold your breath on it ever getting fixed!