Elastique glitchy/crackles with warp markers in C9.01

Doing some edits and Elastique is completely unusable when using with warp markers to timestretch. Cracles, pops glitches, that are present also in rendered file. If I open the same project in 8.5.2 all is flawless. :frowning:
Tried different algorihms. Tried several different files. Happens mostly with sustained material, like picked guitar,…

Has anybody else noticed this?

Confirmed here. There’s very obvious crackling on any warp edits. I tried it on a simple DI bass track with no plugins on it, recorded at a very reasonable level. Projects done in 8.5 that have non-frozen warp edits on them don’t crackle; it seems to only be with edits that are made in C9. It’s the same type of sound that happens if you cut & move a file with the scissors tool at someplace other than a zero crossing.

Any news on this? when i use timewarp i hear glitches too