Elek Drums x Steinberg Licensing

Hi everyone!
Years ago I bought “Elek Drums” expansion for Groove Agent. I like this collection very much. I wonder if it’s possible to trasfer this license from my licenser dongle to the new Steinberg Licensing System so I won’t need to connect the dongle for this particular library.

If it’s possible, I think there should be a voucher in your My Steinberg page. I’d start by checking there.
If not, then I think you’ll need to contact support to see if they can help.

I also have this set, and a couple of other loop set - none of them appear in the Vouchers tab. (Haven’t used them for yonks, so not really bothered.)

Yeah, not in my vouchers tab too.

Expansions/VST Sound Instrument Sets for Groove Agent One most likely won’t be updated to the new Steinberg Licensing system, unfortunately. They haven’t been sold by Steinberg for about 7 years.

These include Elek Drums and Allen Morgan Drums Vol. 2.
Allen Morgan Drums Vol. 1 is now part of the factory library for Groove Agent SE, which is included with Cubase.

If you have licenses for these two libraries and you would like to use them in the long term, I would suggest you sample them. It’s fine as long as you don’t share the samples with other users.

That said, I find the library that’s included with the full version of Groove Agent 5 superior to Elek Drums. Do give the trial version a go if you haven’t yet, it’s got many kits in a similar style.

This is an unfortunate response. I always am concerned that certain software products become obsolete and unusable due to technological progress. 7 years IMO is very short. Thats why investing in real instruments is a better investment. I have mandolins, guitars and accodions that are over 50 years old and still work.

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Some of the loop sets I bought (and have no vouchers for!) are still on sale (eg Nu Metal). Naughty Steinberg!
As I said, not using, no intention of using, not bothered.

For products that are still on sale, please hang in there a little longer. Steinberg is currently working on upgrading partner products to Steinberg Licensing.

In this case, this library was likely discontinued due to a rights issue. This library was also never updated to support key Groove Agent 4 features, such as the pre-configured mixer and the pattern pads, which would be another reason to discontinue it. I don’t know if Steinberg’s sound designers and the Halion team were usually allowed to touch third-party libraries at the time.

Based on what I know, when upgrading products to Steinberg Licensing, both parties have to be “ok” with it, because technically Steinberg is issuing you a “new” license. If either party has to say no, then nothing much can be done about it, unfortunately.

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I had occasion to visit the Harrison (mix consoles) site a few days ago. There was the usual Subscribe button, along with a “special price” if you signed up. I used my junk email, and received an offer to buy MixBus 10 (latest version) for £27 (around £75off!). So I thought, “What the hell” and paid up. When installing, it asked for the supplied serial number, and that was it, up and running.
Just saying, bring back serial numbers, end of all these licensing issues.
I know, pigs will fly and all that.

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idk, sounds like they’re done:

The transition of our entire product range to the new system was completed in November 2023.

from: eLicenser Service Ends in 2025

That’s true for Steinberg products, but other things, such as the Yamaha plug-ins included with Steinberg interfaces, remain stuck on the eLicenser. After that announcement was posted, Ed Doll confirmed that they would also be coming to Steinberg Licensing.

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Yes that is true, but computers so old?
It is not possible to install software on a trumpet, but you know, since electricity gives us headphones, real instruments accoustic, are samples now.
I use V-DRUMS Roland.
To play drums, it is a computer to.
And i do not think that this drumset works in the year 2054.
My accoustic Premier and my zildjan beckens just work in 2054.

But then i can not use a headphone.
So music, is noise to.
We make music in digital form now. with so many instruments…

But as a human, i never played 2 instruments at the same time. lol.
Digital space… so big and still so tiny… like a bit.