eLicenser Service Ends in 2025

Dear customers,

We have been keeping you posted on the Steinberg Licensing system since it was first introduced in January 2022. The transition of our entire product range to the new system was completed in November 2023.

Knowing that the obsolete eLicenser would eventually be superseded by the new technology, we need to inform you that the eLicenser-based licensing service will close down in early 2025.

Those of you who already have software running on Steinberg Licensing are enjoying the benefits of the new system, which allows you to use a single license on up to three computers without the need of a USB-eLicenser dongle.
For our customers still using eLicenser-based Steinberg software, we recommend that you register your eLicenser-secured product in MySteinberg, ensuring that the license is connected to your account.

Secondly, we ask you to consider updating to the latest version of your product — now on Steinberg Licensing — because you will be unable to update after the eLicenser-based licensing service has closed down.

You may also want to check your MySteinberg account, as several products (such as expansion or loop packs which do not include updates) include free migration vouchers to Steinberg Licensing-based versions.

If you still use Steinberg products relying on the eLicenser, we ask you to refer to the information provided on the dedicated page set up for you.