Elements 11 to Artist 12 upgrade problem

I upgraded from elements 11 to artist 12 but cannot fix Verification Pending problem because it requires me to use a dongle. Well I do not have a dongle as
Cubase Elements does not require one. When I try to verify, it tells me to move license from soft elicenser to USB licenser. So what do I do?

Hi @Markdh - welcome to the forum!

I’ve relayed your question onto some of my colleagues who will know the answer. Please bear with us!

Ok Thank You.

We discussed it today and there should be a solution to this early next week. Sorry for the delay!

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I have unfortunately run into the same issue and would appreciate an answer asap. Thank you! I can´t wait to jump into 12! :smiley:


We’re still working on it and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready.

I just bought the upgrade from Elements 10.5 to Artist 12 and I have been experiencing the same problem: “No License To Upgrade Selectable… Currently the license you want to upgrade resides on your computer’s Soft-eLicenser…[etc.]”

Please let me know how to remedy this problem as I am currently expecting to work on a project with Artist 12 soon! Thank you!

We’re making progress and will let you know.

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@Ben_at_Steinberg is it possible to just give all the users that are in this situation a new license (same type of license users that just bought a new copy and did not buy an upgrade) to get us up and running? Obviously we are all long time cubase users and early adoptioers of updates and to hinder us is just frustrating. I understand a long term fix is needed but if you can get your loyal users up and running ASAP I think that would go a long way with us.

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Eric did you try entering your upgrade code into the cubase download manager. That should prompt the activation manager to activate the cubase 12 license.

@Wickham_Sky I have. It gives me a license activation code, but when I click upgrade I get the same message about the license upgrade you are about to perform will only work for licenses that reside on a USB-eLicenser. : (

Correct. It happens to me to. But you can still use the program for 30 days until the license expires. Then it wont work any more until they fix the license pending problem which is caused by this dongle mess.

We’re still working on this. It’s Surprisingly Complicated™.

If you find that you’re running out of time on your “pending verification” license, we will extend it for you until we’ve sorted this out.

@Ben_at_Steinberg thank you for the update! While we are still in the pending verification status can we still use Cubase on a second computer? I have a computer in my tracking room and one in my mix studio that would be ideal if they are on the same version.

While we are still in the pending verification status can we use Cubase 12 on a second computer? Will that cause issues in the future when there is a solution to the verification process?

Any progress on this issue?

Yes, you can use it on up to 3 computers you own and use. There should be no issue once the verification process issue has been resolved.

I’m meeting with colleagues on this topic tomorrow and hope to have an update for you.

Well your not going to beleive this. I sent an email to Yamaha Support 2 weeks ago about this problem. They finally got back to me today. They sent me a new access code and it worked. Fully activated. The surprise? It was for Cubase Pro. ( I upgraded to Cubase Artist). Probably a mistake on there part but it works!