Elgato Stream Deck XL

Hey Dorico friends!

I got my Elgato Sream Deck XL (32 customizable buttons), as well as the custom buttons and mappings created by Philip Rothman.

The Elgato Stream Deck is the larger version of the Elgato Deck, 8 x 4 buttons. It’s a little pricey (over $400), and the mapping and images created by Philip availabe on Notation Express are about $50.

But the look and feel is really nice, it feels solid, and there’s something that is really nice about pushing physical buttons, over clicking with a mouse.

You can use this deck as a controller for a lot of other programs as well, DAWs (including Cubase), and Philip also created a beautiful set of images and mappings for Sibelius which looks terrific as well. They are sold separately for about $50.


Congrats - it’s a very useful tool for working with Dorico. One of the people primarily involved in putting Notation Express together is pianoleo who solves a huge number of the issues Dorico users raise here.

If you have any issues, you might find answers here: Stream Deck macro keypad

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As far as I know, StreamDeck users have a free access to a German version (thanks to Tim Pitzcker) and a French version (votre serviteur). Simply ask Philip for those.
If Italian, Spanish, Polish, Finnish… users want to contribute, Tim has made a very interesting video about how to localize Leo’s work in other languages (much more efficient method than mine!)

It would be very unfair not to give explicit credit to Leo Nicholson (@pianoleo ) for the Dorico mappings that Marc has mentioned in passing.

Dear Derrek,
No pun intended. Leo was clearly mentioned in the post before mine (David cited him), and I know how much we owe him (and he knows we know :wink:)

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Quite correct, Marc.
(All I have to do now is add enough bather to meet the 15-character post requirement.)


Very cool … there are actually two buttons I would like to add:

[ ]

which are very useful in Sibelius to scroll through a score, note by note.

But scrolling (we’re talking about playback scrolling, right?) is not implemented yet in Dorico, AFAIK, so it would be no use in your Streamdeck… Don’t worry, once the devs give us that feature, Philip and Leo will probably add it to our Notation express :wink:

I’ll keep an eye out for scrub playback in a future version of Dorico, for sure.

Hi Marc:

This would be for Sibelius which does have scrolling - yes indeed, I mean playback scrolling, note by note. Philip wrote a comprehensive mapping for Sibelius as well which looks really terrific by the way. You can switch back and forth between the two (or more) with the Elgato software. All very cool.

And I know someone created a map for Reaper as well.