Elicenser control software to old?

while entring activation code for cubase 11 the popup window says the curently instalt elicenser controler softwaer is to old.
But i have instaled the latest version (version

Out of idle curiosity, not that it will inform any answers you might receive, what might be the make, model, os, specs, memory, etc., etc., etc., of your system? :taco:

This message also comes up when you try to enter the download code into the eLCC.
Can that be in your case?
The download code must be redeemed in the Steinberg Download Assistant

I didn’t know that… was this a report that you saw or something you observed yourself? (I’ll report the bug if that’s not been done)

The problem has already been addressed several times in the German forum, e.g. here:
Meldung “eLicencer Version zu alt” beim Lizenzdownload - Auf Deutsch / Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Ah hah! I can reproduce… Thanks.

To recap for those who find this topic in a search:

A Download Code has 25 characters, an Activation Code has 32.

Problem solved