eLicenser errors & Cubase 9.5 crash (FIXED with updates)

during last few days at random points of Cubase 9.5 projects I get an eLicenser error message and Cubase 9.5 crashes. Also, won’t close without task manager. (on PC Windows 10)
I have updated eLicenser to latest version to no avail. I have attached .PNG files with examples of error message. Never had this issue in the past year until very recently. Perhaps latest Windows 10 update?
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
elicenser error 2 cubase.PNG
elicenser error cubase.PNG

Make sure that Windows is fully updated. If that doesn’t fix it, try this:

I’m bumping into the same thing as the OP except I’m on a Mac. This is definately something new since 9.5.10. And I’m using the latest eLicenser, right off their site.

I’m having problems with the eLicenser since 9.5.10 too. Here’s some text I posted elsewhere:

So, since 10.13.2 and Cubase 9.5.10, I’ve started having problems with the Cubase dongle. Anyone else using Cubase?

If I have the dongle connected to an Elektron Overhub (MTT USB3 hub), Virus TI plug-in won’t even start up. The Cubase dongle also has problems being recognised, which wasn’t previously an issue.

So, I’ve now moved the dongle over to a Thunderbolt to USB adapter, whilst Virus and Elektron AR and AK are connected to Overhub.

So far, that’s looking better. …but it does bring up the possibility that the Cubase dongle could be interfering with other devices - maybe eating more than its fair share of bandwidth.

Anyone else seeing similar?

Thanks for the link, however I had tried that and I cannot change the DEP settings. Windows message won’t allow me to change them for that application. Just trying the latest Windows 10 updates along with Cubase 9.5.1 update today and hope to see if it resolves.

After both latest Windows 10 updates and Cubase 9.5.1 updates…no more eLicenser errors. Phew.
Hope this helps anyone.

Fixed with all latest updates :slight_smile: