eLicenser - problem downloading licenses

PC, W7 64 Bit Home Premium, eLicenser (2 pcs.)

I have to USB eLicenser - one for Cubase (bought with Cubase 5), and the second for HALion, Neo Soul and old Nuendo (2). I have never had problems with them till first time I installed Cubase 7. I wasn’t able download a license for Cubase 7 updated from Cubase 6.5 - it hung during download. I tried a couple times, also with different eLicenser software versions. I connected the stick to my MacBook Pro - no problem with the license downloading.

A couple days ago I wanted to try Neo Soul Keys. Another problem - I saw the trial license described as trial period not started yet, but hint window for the same license said: expired, and menu for starting a trial period was disabled. I tried with eLicenser helper as suggested in my topic:

It didn’t worked and I got no solution from you. I bought Neo Soul Keys testing it shortly on Mac - no problems with trial.

I plan to buy WaveLab. I downloaded a trial version, installed. Now the problem comes back. I cannot download a license for it. It stops responding when downloading process goes up to about 15%.

Could you help me, please?


I have the same problem but on both my imac and my macbook
and the license for the cubase 6.5 dosent work anymore

cubase support is CRAP !!! i bought cubase 7 upgrade from 6.5 and all my license is pending on key . and i bought upgrades fra version 3, 4, 5 ,6 and now 7 thats a lot of money and now nothing works. for over a week ago i have sent support request to steinberg about my problem but no answer.

I have the same problem, what do we do???