eLicenser Server Status

I am waiting for the problem with the e-licenser to be resolved to finally activate my Cubase 11 update. And for what purpose are you interested?

If you would be an “honest user”, as you say, you wouldn’t even consider or mention piracy.

“Why would I wait for my ordered car, when I can just steal one?”

Before you can write, you need to learn to read.


Is strange because this is the first argument that a dongle “lover” will tell you about it: “how about that Cubase wasn’t cracked since 5.0?”

Three days outage of the eLicense system, unable to use purchase, with such poor communication from Steinberg.

I expected better than this.

Can anyone point me to the complaints policy and procedure for Steinberg? I cannot locate it but there must be something.

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I don’t care how many times it was cracked, and I’m no dongle lover either. I wouldn’t even consider or looking at stolen software. That’s my point.

Anyway, let’s hope that Steinberg fix this soon, so we don’t have to discuss stupid and silly arguments anymore.

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3 days ago I spent £500 on cubase but its money wasted because I can’t register. it this isn’t good for Steinberg surely. I feel like returning the product and forgetting cubase altogether

Then do it. That’s much better than just announcing it to the users here.

surely this could be put on normal iLok ? like everybody else. anyone who uses a crack version wouldn’t be into music production because surely they can’t get a crack version to be fully functional

The fanboys are running on all cylinders again…

I agree. There is no reason to debate this. I wrote that I think you can think what you want. I hope that in the future some people will first read carefully, then ponder what they have read, and only then write. This is the only way to avoid stupid and silly arguments anymore. Good luck to Steinberg!

The benefit of updates regarding outages that affect clients is that we feel engaged.
It takes no time at all and is a basic curtesy.
There are times when you have to wait for the machine, that time can be used to inform concerned parties.
Not asking a lot here.

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Bought my version of cubase 11 yesterday, and since then i have been trying to activate my purchase. Ddos?

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I am in the same boat… $600 for Cubase 11 pro. I have to date received nothing.

Still doesn’t operate. Houston, we have a problem. A serious one. It’s 27th of February. I hope you are currently working on the issue.

The day before yesterday I have bought VSL libraries I needed for one project. Who will return me back my wasted time and partially inefficient spending of my money? It’s the third day of your server crash. And it looks like the forth cause Sunday is coming. Any thought on fulfilment?


Starting a third day of outage. More status updates, please.

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Exact same issue here. I received my boxed version on Thursday of this week. Hmm! I wonder, If the product has not been activated can it be returned for a full refund?

What is going on here? Is there an official word on when I can actually activate the license I payed money for?

Now into day 3 of waiting to activate my license and no updates from Steinberg for the last 30 hours. I’m at a complete standstill and at this point not expecting anything to happen this weekend as we approach Sunday. Starting to look like we won’t see a fix until next week.

Never seen anything like this in my life with any software product I’ve purchased.


Similar problem here. I’ve got two projects with deadlines staring me in the face. There were three libraries from VSL that sounded perfect for what I’m working on, so I bought them and the key.

The key arrived three days ago. I tried for hours to solve my nonexistent network and firewall problems before finding this thread.

I hope VSL moves to iLok or some other solution. This is hurting their business. I’ll be reluctant to make future purchases for any products that require Steinberg’s eLicenser.