eLicenser Server Status

I have a suggestion for Steinberg

Today I have been trying for over an hour to eLicense a product but get the message

A connection to the license server could not be established, because the license server is currently not available (e.g. due to maintenance work).

mySteinberg was also offline (Identity services not available because of maintenance) but came back online half an hour or so ago

There is no online information about the eLicense servers: so I submitted a support ticket and was told that “We are currently investigating problems with the eLicenser License Server.”

I followed up to ask when they might be back up: I cannot use my software until it gets licensed online. How do you otherwise plan your morning (or day) (or week)

I was advised that “We don’t know when we are back online. Please try it later again and be patient”

So, assuming the Steinberg people read these: a suggestion

Why not have a Server Status Page which people can visit? if there is a problem, put a message on the status page with a best-estimate of when it will be resolved.

Most online services do this. A server status page covers lot of uncertainty. I do not have to check firewalls, software, anything else because I know it is the server and nothing else

Then, why not add a line in the eLicenser error message box “check our server status page” and give the URL in addition to the things about checking internet connections, proxies, and such…

The Steinberg forums have many entries for exactly this problem: so how about developing a communication solution… it is not the first time this is happening…



same problem here…

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Same issue here. Trying to activate a Wavelab Elements Upgrade license.

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Thanks for the heads up. :+1:

As an fyi – they do post an announcement in the Announcement category (though it’s not the same of course) License Server Outages

This server problem has not exactly made my day…

An announcement was made on the forum nine hours ago, but from other posts many people (including myself) did not see this until after we had run into problems…

There are no further updates though. Surely customers deserve an explanation and a best estimate for when the problems will be resolved?

The message that appears in the eLicenser software is most unhelpful and, based on this experience today, Steinberg should review the popup message and how users are informed.


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Patience young padawan. :slight_smile:

But, seriously, it’s the same for all of us. I’m sure they do their best to fix the problem ASAP. How would they give a time estimate, if they can’t say when anyway?

Suggested error message instead of this one…

A connection to the license server could not be established.
First, check our eLicense server status at http://steinberg.net/xxxx just in case the server is undergoing maintenance or there is another server problem.
Next, if there is no problem reported with our server, please check that your computer can connect to the internet, that your firewall (if in use) allows connections from the eLicenser software, and that you are running the latest version of the eLicenser software available at elicenser | Steinberg
Lastly, if the problem persists please contact our support team through your mySteinberg account.

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In a perfect world…

In the real world, you walk to the Steinberg forums, and see an announcement saying that there are temporary license server issues, and the problem is being worked on. That’s how it was for me. That’s probably how it is for a lot of others. Others will contact support. And some other others will try again tomorrow or next week.

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I take your point, but a broad-brush estimate should be possible as the cause of the outage should be know by now…



(Server Jedi Master in a non-music world not far from here…)


That’s a nice cartoon. :grinning:

Anyway, I hope as much as you do that the servers will soon be up again, if that didn’t come across. It’s just that I’m already happy that the issue has been communicated, which is more than I could hope for elsewhere…

Unfortunately, we are not quite there yet. Updates will be posted here:
License server outages – Steinberg Support


I just bought cubase 11 but it does not allow to activate it, I get an error about my network (which it is not) and also that the license activation servers could be under maintenance, are they currently under maintenance?

I was just about to try the wavelab before purchase and I can’t activate it. :smiley:

please, how long you expect still to be the maintenance? Not able to run Cubase, eLicenser…

Was having problems with my printer that caused me to update windows 10, now when I run eLicenser Control Center maintenance I get a connection warning (see attached) and maintenance failures (see attached). Never had such a problem before, and my network seems to be running fine.


Server has been down for over 12 hours today…

I’m usually pretty patient with these kind of things but 12 hours… how long is acceptable time?
My oppinion is that this is taking a bit too looong.

(Maybe one man working and he already left home, who knows.)


All my students are trying to install Cubase EL 11 (to be able to study from home) Every one of them when trying to install (stupidly complicated) come up with this error and are unable to install -
A connection to the license server could not be established. either due to incorrect server settings, or because the license server is currently not available etc etc…
Can anyone throw some light on this as we have been trying for two days without any success???


We are all in the same boat.

This is all the information we have and that’s all.