Empty bar rests not showing

I’ve a Harp part, empty bar rests are missing from the lower stave. Does anyone know why, and what I can do to bring these back?

Their absence makes it impossible to insert notes into the lower stave, because there’s no rest to click on, to tell Dorico where to stat entering notes.

This issue may relate to pianoleo’s description about XML imports, here:

Selecting the first/last notes in that first bar on the lower staff and checking whether the Starts voice / Ends voice properties are activated in the Properties panel might fix the missing rests.

In general, you can always input onto staves, bar rests or no, by getting the caret onto them e.g. by double-clicking on the staff or moving the caret from elsewhere.

Thanks for the link Lillie and the useful advice.

I ended up deleting the whole harp part and starting from scratch.

The following tip you pointed to is useful:

To move the caret to the staff above/below, press Up Arrow/Down Arrow.

evan, in a multi-staff instrument your musical line can move from the lower staff to the upper staff and back again. In these cross-staff situations there should not be any rests shown in the staff the line just left. Your above example looks like such a case.

I have now the same problem, but as you can see the last rest in bar 165 is not showing as Ends Voice… still there are missing rests for 12 bars (and the next shown rest does not show Starts voice)
Again and again these minor glitches disturb the flow of my work…
When I try to input via caret, it works… but then I don’t want the left hand playing… and when deleting the inputted notes, again no rests… frustrating
Any idea?

You might need to share the project @111172 or at least a cut-down version of it.

funnilly I tried to cut out the problem part, and the new file doesn not show the problem…
nonetheless, I will do it. Thanx

test.dorico (945.5 KB)

Interesting, for some reason the bar rests in bars 7-8 were in a different voice than the preceding/end bars (showing voice colours indicated this) and the bar rest in bar 6 had the Ends voice property set.

Simplest way to solve: select the bar rests in bars 6-9, and press Delete.

In case it’s helpful in other situations, the other thing I checked was whether any of those bars had music crossed to the other staff, which you can reset from the Edit > Notations > Cross Staff > Reset to Original Staff.

Thanx a lot!
That was it.

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