Empty news, tutorials etc. in Steinberg Hub in Cubase 10 Pro on Windows 7

:roll_eyes: Hi, I have a Windows 7-64 running Cubase 10 Pro. After a longtime of inactivity (health), I fire up my DAW and have an empty Hub on the left side (Tuts, Vids, Updts, Etc)! :thinking:

Any suggestions on troubleshooting for my rigs setup? Thanks for any suggestions.

Sounds like it is having trouble to connect to the internet. Did you check your internet connection ? Even if your internet seems to be working, sometimes it might help to turn off (or disconnect) your router for a minute or 2.

Thanks for the ideas. I’ve tried those. I do believe my problem is two-folded.

  • I think I need to upgrade my USB & software Licensees
  • Modify the Transport Layer sockets either via my Firewall or Windows Register :flushed:;
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I think that has nothing to do with the hub. Nevertheless, a software update could help.


I guess that the internet connection in older versions of Cubase hub is not using the encrypted services.

Sorry for the delay…The Cubase 10 left-side, blank Hub is an error page that is partially blocked/ clipped by the window border-frame.

:nerd_face: The error message shows something about, “check TLS#’s”. TLS is abbreviated “Transport Layor Service“.

:nerd_face: My memory of how to change / modify TLS is now faded. I believe TLS opens or block’s communication either through the Firewall or MS Windows.

None-the-less, the clipped error message is my only Hub content in my update/Tutorial, left Hub in Cubase 10 Pro!

Transport Layer Security is an encryption method of content delivery over TCP/IP.

Yes, I understand. But why is Cubase 10 now telling me to to check my TLS 1, TLS 2, etc and my PC was unchanged over the last time I used Cubase 10 Hub successfully?

What is a safe way to do that?

C10 HUB eRR pGE 230131_2130.PDF|attachment (66.6 KB)
This is what I see in my hub. There’s not enough visible instructions for me fix the problem. Can anyone help?

Hello Mo,

Just a reality check:
Cubase 10 Pro is considered ‘Legacy’ and is free for download on the Steinberg website. Of course, no support.
Check this link:

Windows 7 is no longer supported (support ended in 2020).

I am afraid the connection from the Hub to the Steinberg site just is no longer supported.

I feel your pain, but I think this problem has no solution.

N.B.: Let’s say this are ‘Just Reflections’ from me. (Yes, I checked your website :wink: )

Sorry for the delay but thanks for that “Reflection” lookup! :+1: