End of the road for me?

I currently run W11.0.30 and would like to move on to W11.1. However, as the new Steinberg Activation Manager does not appear to run on my PC (see details in my sig.) and will not let me activate Nuendo-12 I’m afraid that the same will happen if I try to activate Wavelab-11.1 if it too is no longer dongle based.
So far, after several weeks examining my data, Steinberg engineers have not come up with a reason why the SAM will not run properly on my system.

This could be the end of my financial support of Steinberg!

Sounds like something is messed up with your registry. Try running this program first Download CCleaner | Clean, optimize & tune up your PC, free! (CHOOSE THE “FREE” VERSION) and then this one Eusing Free Registry Cleaner: Safely scan and repair registry problems - Spyware FREE. and see if that cleans out your registry. I use both of them on a regular basis. Best of luck!!!

You can use WaveLab 11.1 with eLicenser. Steinberg Licensing will remain optional until the next paid update of WaveLab.

Yes, there’s no reason not to go to 11.1.

Thanks for the advice.

I’ve updated to W11.1 and it does still work with the dongle. :slight_smile:

Hi Thomas, thanks for the info. I ran CCleaner and it removed a load of redundant entries from the registry, but this did not get the Steinberg Activation Manager app working. The ‘Eusing’ app could not be ‘downloaded securely’ so I did not continue with that.

I might have to accept that the new licensing system is not going to work for me. :frowning:

Never had a problem with downloading Eusing Free Registry Cleaner: Safely scan and repair registry problems - Spyware FREE.
Maybe dry a different browser??? I have had it on all my PCs for over two years and it works GREAT! It will find things that CCleaner will not.


I have pretty much the same system as you and I am all good here. What exactly is happening with SAM (Exact error messages, what’s on screen when you try to run it/install it?)
There are lots of things it could be - but to help - need to know exact details (Screencaps really help)



Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post.
This is what I get when I try to run SAM:
Steinberg have had my system data since May 18 but have offered no solution to the problem.

There is nothing wrong with my internet connection, nothing has changed and all other software works as expected.


What is the status of this Nuendo Trial? Is it actually installed - or are we attempting to activate it without anything installed on the machine. And - what is the status of your eLicenser (if it is still running)?

My gut feel is that this message is not network related BUT we need to explore a few other things like what AV is running? What version of Windows is in play here? etc etc

It would also be helpful to see inside Task Manager - OR Event Viewer when this error occurs. This problem should be recorded somewhere OR something else is interfering with the operation of SAM.

Update when you can




This should probably be on the Nuendo forum, not here!

Nuendo12 Trial is installed. I downloaded it while the special offer was still available.
My eLicensor (dongle) still works. I use it will all previous Nuendo versions, Wavelab, Halion and so on.

From my sig:
Windows-10Pro 21H2
i9-10900K. 64Gb ram.

Trying to run N12 or SAM gives the same response every time: ‘We are sorry, we could not complete that action, please check your internet connection and try again’

I can’t tell anything from looking at Task Manager.


Thanks for the update. As a last resort (if this was me) I would now strip SAM (AND the Nuendo trial) off the machine and restart and then reinstall both of them - starting with SAM first. If it still does not work after that - there is something else more obscure on your build that none of us can make a clear connection to.

Can you give me a list of your installed apps you have on the DAW? Any other “licensing” type apps or anything else that could be interfering with SAM trying to communicate with Steinberg.

Another thing we can try - but it’s getting a bit technical - is to run Process Monitor OR TCPView from the SysInternals toolkit to see exactly what SAM is doing when you run it and click the Activate button. If SAM is really reaching out to the Internet - TCPView will show you that.

Also - let’s check Event viewer (AFTER the reinstall) and after you press the Activate button. If this app is consistently failing - we should see some messages in both the Application log or the System log or both. It may give us some more detailed info on what is getting in the way here.

It’s clear that there are “teething” problems with this new licensing model and Steinberg has work to do - especially when it’s app kicks a message saying something lame like “check your Internet connection” when your connection is clearly working fine.

After the reinstall - get me an update.




I’ve done as you suggested and completely uninstalled SAM, Nuendo-12 and restarted. Then I’ve downloaded and installed SAM again then downloaded and installed N12 Trial. In My Steinberg it shows Nuendo-12 Trial with an expiry date of 17th July 2022 although I’ve never been able to run it. Unfortunately, the problem persists. I very much appreciate your help with this, but I just can’t do it anymore - I’ve completely given up and will now get back to creating music without constantly battling with Steinberg’s hazy technology. I’m happy with N11 and probably don’t need the new features/bugs in N12 anyway. Many thanks for all of your help. Please excuse my negativity, but I’m completely fed up with the constant stresses.

Judging from other posts on these forums, I am clearly not the only user having trouble with the new licensing system, so I think that had Steinberg implemented the new system as an ‘option’ (which is the current state of play with Wavelab) all of this aggravation could have been avoided as, in my case, I would have elected to stay with the eLicensor system.

Thanks again for your efforts.


Not surprised that you gave up - I would too - especially after all of that back and forth. Clearly this is an issue that Steinberg did not prepare for but in fairness - they really cannot test every possible combination of software and hardware out there in DAW land.

Continued success!