Enharmonic Respelling copying from parts to full score

Hello, is there a way (and if not, that’d be a feature request) to ‘copy’ the enharmonic respelling done in a Part to the full score?
(It could be a huge time saver for example in a large ensemble score: you write your music in a concert pitch full score, then when doing layout work in the transposing parts you need to do some enharmonic respelling. When you then want to print a transposing score, you’d have to do the work again at the moment, which is really time consuming.) N.B. it works the other way round, from score to part.
Thanks for your help and reply.
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I’m afraid there’s no way to do this at the moment. The workflow is intended that you should make spelling edits that you want to affect both the score and the part in the full score, as you’ve found.

I think this has been answered before, but I can’t find it. When I respell accidentals in the score, it is not always reflected in the part. What am I missing? Transpositions are the same in score and parts.

Also, I made a bunch of respellings before I discovered that I had to do everything over, part by part. Is there a way to propagate what I have respelled in the score, to all parts? Propagate properties does not work on this.

There was some discussion and explanation about propagating enharmonisation in this thread.

Thanks, PjotrB. The strange thing is that for me, respelling in the score isn’t reflected in the parts.

The score is a reworked duplicate of a score written in late 2019. Could it be that the score has inherited a limitation from an earlier version of Dorico?

It is not possible. I had to redo an entire peace for Big Band, because I mainly compose in a non transposing score. Then I edited the double sharps and so on in the parts and when printing the transposed score, had to do the whole work again…I really hope they will add a feature that lets you propagate enharmonic spelling. For now you’ll have to edit them in the score, that way they will edit in the parts as well. But that’s of course not always what you want to do.

As far as I’ve understood, respellings in the parts do not carry over to the score – but when made in the score they should be reflected in the parts. My score is transposed from the start, there is no need to change it from concert pitch to transposed after I’ve input the music, so everything I do in the score would be reflected identically, without Dorico having to consider transpositions. Still: respellings made in my score do not happen in the parts.

What I found (and described in the other thread) is that once the enharmonisation of a note has been ‘touched’ in the part (even when it’s changed back), changes to that note do not propagate anymore from the score to the part, unless you re-enter the notes entirely. It would be a welcome feature to have control over whether notes are enharmonically overridden, like we have control over showing accidentals.

I’ll upload my project later in case someone would take a look at it. For it is in the score I make the changes, and they don’t carry over to the parts.

As @PjotrB says, if you’ve modified the spelling in the part already, then a change in the score won’t carry over to the part. Unfortunately at the moment there’s no good way to reset a note in the part such that it will reflect changes made in the score.

You might find it best to create a new part layout and then use Propagate Part Formatting to bring across any system formatting etc. you’ve made in the original part, then remove the original part.