Entering an actual underscore in lyrics

Can I enter an underscore in lyrics?
I’m engraving a hymn that has multiple verses. I have to engrave exactly as it is written. Some verses have no words at the start of the lyrics and have a couple of underscores to indicate not to sing there. The problem I’m having is I can’t find a way to enter an underscore in the lyrics. They turn into elisions. Dashes don’t work and I’d prefer not to have to enter them using Shift-X for text entry.

Yes, input an underscore as usual. Then use “Edit Single Lyric” and select the underscore you’ve entered. Then select the underscore in the edit field and change something very slight, like setting the stretch to 99%. That will break the elision and display a true underscore.


That’s a crazy way to do it, but it works. Thanks.