Entering dynamics by caret/popover not working for hairpins

Dear all,

I have often the situation, that I want to enter a dynamic somewhere in the middle of the note (for example one needs it very often for a diminuendo at the end of a long note)

Unfotrunately the method with placing the carrot where one wants to have the note, then opening the popover and typing in “>” doesnt work for hairpins (although it works for normal dynamics like a “p”)
This seems to be to be a bug somehow, because if I type in “p>” Dorico created only the piano, but not the hairpin:

gives this as a result:

It only works if I open the dynamic bar on the right side and click on the haripin with the mouse, but thats a really long and not very conveniant way. It would make it much better for the workflow, if this would always work for every popover command.

Or it would be even better, if this method would work as well for individual keyboard shortcuts. For example: in order to not always having to open the popover box I set myself shortcuts “<” to create a cresc. hairpin and “>” to create a dim. hairpin.
So it would be fabulous, if I just could move the carrot to the position and then press my shortcut “<” and then it would automatically create a haripin at this position - either with the length of one quarter (as Dorico does, when i click on the haripin button with the mouse) OR: I would find it even better if the length of the hairpin would always be like the grid size, so one could easily create a small dim. by setting the grid size small, or a very long cresc. by setting the grid size to a whole note.

That would significantly improve the workflow for long notes with many dynamic changes during the note.
For example for creating something like this:

it is quite a lot of clicking right now.
But with the proposed method, it would become very easy, because I would just have to set the grid to half notes, open the carrot and then go:
< → > → < → > → < → >

So a process, which now takes about a minute of clicking and looking, whether one REALLY hit exactly the right position in the bar, would then only take 5 seconds.

this of course then could likewise work for ALL other objects as well. For example if one could relate ANY property or action to an individual key command (as I proposed in this post) this could speed up SOO many work processes, like for example changing techniques during the note (sul pont/sul tasto, senza vib/con vib, or for brass players opening/closing the mute)
all these steps which now always take either the popover box or if even this is not working like here with haripins a lot of button clicking, then would be solved within seconds.

That would be fabulous, if this could be implemented in the next dorico version :smiley:

Thanks and best greetings

This already is implemented.

  1. Place caret where you want to start the hairpin.
  2. Type < or > (no need for the popover, but the popover works too)
  3. Use the right arrow key to advance the caret to where you want the hairpin to end.
  4. Type ? (yes, a question mark)

The hairpin will not appear at all until you’ve completed all four steps.


  1. Place caret where you want to start the hairpin.
  2. Type < or > (no need for the popover, but the popover works too)
  3. Type the duration you’d like the hairpin to be, e.g. if you’d like a hairpin that lasts for a quarter/crotchet, type 6.
  4. Hit Space. (Optionally continue hitting Space to extend the hairpin by the selected duration.)

Again, the hairpin won’t appear at all until you’ve completed all four steps.

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And read in the user manual under ‘Dynamics’ …

Thanks so much @pianoleo ! Amazing and my huge apologies, that I must have missed this feature. and maybe for userexperience it would be fantastic, if there would be any indication if one starts the first step, that this “process” is now starting, because I think I tried some of the first steps, but as I didnt finish them exactly in the described order, I thought “nothing happens”.
But really great feature. Thank you :slight_smile:

Well, maybe if Tantacrul had not plainly ignored (and pretended it didn’t exist, while it’s been there from the start) this workflow, new users probably wouldn’t be fooled :wink: