Shortcut for artificial harmonics? (in general shortcuts for all properties?)

Hey dear all,

I am using artificial harmonics very often, so I wonder whether any of you knows a way, how one could create a shortcut for lets say “create a fourth harmonic”

Right now this takes always some clicks (in properties panel activating “type: artificial” and then setting “partial: 4”)
Is there any way, one could speed up this proces, for example through the genius new quick command panel (“j”) ?

I think if this is somehow possible, it would be absolutely amazing, if one could link ALL the features that one sees in the property panel with a possible individual key command. Because then everybody could set its individual commands, that one needs.

OR: even better I think would be a kind of popup function for harmonics.

Lets say one opens the quick command bar ( J )and then types in

  • “harm 0” or “harmonic 8” it will create a natural harmonic
  • “harm 4” would create an artificial fourth harmonic
    -“harm 5” would create an artificial fifth harmonic etc.
    -“noharm” “noharmonic” or “natural” would deactivate the harmonics property and make it a normal note again
  • if desired one could also distinguish between naturalharmonics “natharm” or artificial harmonics “artharm”
  • and similarly like with trills, one could keep these commands to change the harmonic, lets say one alread has a fourthharmonic but wants to change it to a fifth harmonic, one just selects the note, types “J artharm 5” then it changes the note to a fifth harmonic

I think this would incredibly improve the workflow for music, that uses a lot of harmonics.

We do indeed plan to make it possible to specify harmonics via the Shift+P popover, but I can’t say exactly when this will be done.

amazing, thanks daniel!

Use scripting and add a key command through an external app like custom key commands or keyboard maestro