Entry Level iPad to control C6/7 advice Pls

Entry Level iPad to control C6/7 advice Pls
any I pad or other hand held device, samsung or any rugged make , , preferably 10" or above , that perfectly syncs with Cubase , who will it connect WiFi ? Blue Tooth ?? what is the expected range , how much will the cubase software cost for that ?? and what do i have to enable in cubase ?? my cubase PC is right now connected Via RJ 45 cable on my internet ADSL 2 router , which has 4 RJ/s n Wifi … time to hop into this bandwagon …
as my Brand new Zero dont work any more , @least the basic controls of the DAW could be achieved… i think !!!
also do they have pressure sensors touch screens ??? or m i asking 4 too much …
i would be using this only 4 this detail only , n may be some e reading the C manuels , or some thing that reads it 4 me . thanks in advance sm


Do you know our iOS app Cubase iC Pro? It’s a remote control app for Cubase.

17 $ not Bad , any comments on how it feels , performs as a control surface , like sliding the faders , basic transport control / zoom in / out , and channel settings … thanks sm

I only bought iC Pro a couple of days ago, so haven’t explored it in depth, but it seems very good so far. It works well on my iPad and has a lot of functionality, including the ability to assign your own shortcuts to button.

Seen some youtubes , amazing sound quality and apps , on this small device , sure it wont take the load of heavy VSt/s , but as a transport control, n may be a portable track recorder @lest 2 get your ideas in ?? seen some apps with 64 tracks , any users reviews, Pros n cons please… and which I pad would you guys recommend , will win 8 based tablet work with Steinberg IC Cubasis n control ??
thanks sam

All Steinberg apps are currently only available on Apple products.
Cubasis only on IPad, IC also on IPhone and IPod.

Android or Windows Tablets are not supported yet.

thanks Strophoid , the bad bad news is , where ever i read info on apple , there is always the saying , buying apple is like getting married n paying the rent forever…
yo already free apps are appearing on line , SB pls , i have always been a windows guy , hope sone one in SB is reading … thanks sm

I’m not really into it, but I remember reading they were developing for Android as well now. I don’t remember if that was about Cubasis or IC or maybe both.

looks like a lot of options here , i didnt yet read it all … i would love it 2 be on win 8 , as however smart Apple is, which ofcourse it is , i like 2 ride the winning horse , n the lower costs , sm
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