Cubase and Ipad control


This is one more topic about a full remote for Cubase/Ipad, meaning: native (non-mackie) total control, like touchosc for Live, Logic, the Digital Performer app, the Yamaha LS 9/M7CL apps, Alen & Heat iLive series app, the Presonus Studiolive app. (and some more I’ve missed probably).

I sincerely think this is the way to go, once you have tried Ipad controll on any of these devices you will never go back, it’s really a great way of controlling channel eq’s, dynamics, plugins etc.

Steinberg started very promising with their CubaseIC app, but it’s still transport only.
Instead Steinberg launches the new generic remote hardware based CMC modular controller series.
The problem with these is, you still cant see WHAT you are controlling, no values or data displayed (Channel names, dB’s, freq, Q, plugin names and values) so you still have to look at your screen all the time. Very confusing. That’s the reason why its useless if you want full, easy, logical controll, i.e like when you are MIXING. Sorry. So my advice: don’t buy them, unless you have a specific use for them. All the fader and rotarymodules have this problem, the transport controll is very handy of course. But the other controllstrips lack THE most importand feature (like many others), namely a display showing wich channel you are controlling, and valuedata for faders and rotaries. The AI knob is a nice feature, did not work on all plugins, but that is solved I believe.

Same goes for touchosc, Mackie Control, BCR/F and ALL midi, Huy or Mackieprotocol based controllers for Cubase. It’s usable for some purposes but not perfect.

Now look at the LS9/M7CL Stagemix aps from Yamaha. The way the EQ is handeled is awesome, even better than dialing in on the desk, just perfect! And also the mini-eq-preview/selector in the mixer window is great, the graphic equaliser window works perfect too (you can walk to the front of the venue during a show and fine-EQ/level/mix your frontfills while the band is playing, etc), so I usualy do all my fine-eq-ing on the Ipad with this desk. Channel names are nicely displayed, auxes on fader, etc.
And the funny thing is: Steinberg IS Yamaha these days. Aparently it’s very hard to convert these apps to Cubase…Don’t tell me nobody thought of that at the Steinberg labs. So I want to do one more serious request: PLEASE.

My advice to Steinberg would be to work with Yamaha to standarise mixerhandling, so for example the same channelstrip as in a LS9, auxes on fader option , etc. This would be a big, big upgrade. And please,please, please, (I’m on my knees now) a reverse SOLO and LISTEN (global prefs) option??? I still can’t solo a channel on my headphones while the band plays while using a controller (away from the mouse this is… this is insane. WHY??)

A summary of some apps for Ipad that work with Cubase;

V-Control Pro controller for Logic, Protools and Cubase:
pro’s: basic mixer and transport are ok, smooth and easy to operate.
cons: In general; Mackie Huy based, outdated protocol compared to OSC or native support. EQ and plugin handling pages are too small (not accurate) and not handy (one page for each eq-band, etc). Auxes are handeled in the pan window, also no parameter display (which effect am I sending to? and how much?)
Since this is a more expensive app, I tried to get a refund after coming to this conclusion, they mailed back that they agreed to my critics and that they are working on a dedicated cubase app, so now I wait…

Satira AC-7:
Same problems, worse interface

Touchosc: great app, if only Cubase would support OSC…
Check out the videolinks for Live and Logic control, you won’t believe your eyes…

Two links here to Cubase templates for touchosc;

My other posts about this subject:

links to Ipad apps for harware mixers:

Yamaha LS9
Yamaha M7CL

A link to a nice Stagemix M7C /ipad video:

Alen & Heath Ilive series:

Presonus Studiolive
this mixer even has virtual soundcheck built in…(amazing concidering the price)

Remarkable: the digidesign hardware mixers like Venue series don’t have an ipad app yet (!), you have to use VNC, so very hard to controll on Ipad (you have to dubbeleclick on faders, don’t let go or you have to dubbleclick again, etc. This also aplies to Cubase/VNC, it just does not work the way you would like.

So, if I missed some interesting apps/solutions let me know, me myself I’m waiting for the V-control update for Cubase right now as most interesting for now, I would be VERY interested to know from Steinberg if there is ANY chance there will be new developements for “Ipad serious controll” in the near future (but I fear that the launch of the new controller-range shows Steinberg still wants to go on the “generic controller” way…And it is just SO frustrating, (try adding a channel somewhere in your project. now ALL your plugin controllers after that channel are changed…).

My options in the “far future” are: I could switch to Mac/Logic (OMG not an option actualy now that I think of it…), or buy an Allen & Heath Ilive desk and preamps, or a Presonus studiolive desk, and just use Cubase as a recorder only. But that’s a bit of a waste, might as well use some freeware for that…Still I’d rather see a professional solution from Steinberg OR a supported 3rd party app, and I’m allso willing to pay mucho or to help develop.
Call me! Mail me! And no, I won’t let go…(yet). And yes, you can move this topic to the Music Lounge if you think I’m out of controll :laughing:

kind regards, Jurgen

I’m totally loving TouchOsc and my Ipad. I use it to control RME Totalmix as wel…

I hope Steinberg will implement osc in Cubendo and allow us to have a simple way to use Ipads for controlling Cubendo. If they release an app for controlling Cubase more deeply than Cubase IC, I would gladly pay for it. This is clearly the way to go, and Apple Logic or Ableton live users have already made this step forward.

Let’s not leave us behind, Steinberg please.

Check out MidiTouch. I like it better than touch osc

I give up on touchosc, too hard to set up, I failed trying to make it talk with Pure data.

I bought V-control instead, the version 1.2 has a Cubase template. It’s tied to the Hui protocol and it’s a bit pricey but works fairly well for my needs. It’s far from perfect and maybe not as powerful as touchOSC but I like it better than my BCF 2000 already.

It’s pretty straightforward to set up if one follows the user guide and the FAQ on their website. I have a PC with W7 64 bits, i had to download a library package from Microsoft and disable Bluetooth on the Ipad and that was it. It needs a little software that runs as a background task while using cubase.

I use a D-link Wifi usb adapter to make my desktop PC wireless and V-control works nicely via wifi, I’m pretty satisfied so far.


That V-Control Pro looks the best to me so far. I need an iPad!!!

Nice topic, so right now we are at 1.5.1 v control pro, is it pro and very usable now?or there isnt still anything mindblowing when ipad controlling cubase is the case.I unfortunately dont have 40€ to spend just for demoing smt that im maybe not gonna use. So far i demod the light version and it seems cool, the mixer, but how everything else feels? Cheers

just bought Lemur and this : the cubase/nuendo templates are fantastic :slight_smile:


Yeah, I use my own template (a mix of “generic remote” and “mackie control”) with Lemur and it’s the best controller I’ve ever had for cubase.

I just found this thread. We had discussed this briefly on the Nuendo forum here.

I ended up settling for V-control. I doesn’t have a Steinberg specific fader skin for C & N (meaning the layout doesn’t look like C or N) but the V-Window feature is very useful. My only beef with it doesn’t display using the ENTIRE iPad window because it keeps the V-Control transport visible. This regularly prevents me from accessing the bottom row of controls in the Nuendo windows I display there, unless I change the zoom and adjust the view. Also being able to edit plugins through it is really handy; just open the plugins and they can then be seen and edited as separate windows in V-Window.

One thing that would be really useful from V-Control and other such programs is to recall the Mixer Channel View Sets. I can’t figure out how to do this and yet it’s probably the single most useful command to use with limited fader remote controllers. Does anyone know if this works or not? It doesn’t appear to be an assignable command for either the Mackie Control or HUI protocols.

I was curious about the artsunmuted stuff, but what I see is a lot of command surfaces but not much in terms of showing me what’s going on. It seems more of a remote control; am I wrong?

I just got an Ipad last week and I’m just finding this thread. I had my first WOW! moment yesterday using the Omnisphere TR control. I know I’m behind the curve but still amazing. Looking forward to following the great input from everyone here.


Tried to get the V control working with XP 64x but no go. Couldn’t get past the “msvcr100.dll not found error” I tried every manner of delete and and install the correct files from MS but no go. If anyone has done this let me know how.

You need to install both the x86 and x64 Microsoft Visual C++ libraries on your system:


Thanks Jose I saw that FAQ and took it to mean I needed to install the package for me (64x) . I’ll try installing both and see what happens. Thanks for the reply

I know. But you actually do need to install both of them. It’ll work after you do that, I promise :wink:.

It worked. Thanks a lot Jose. Do you use this app regularly ?

I do, but I’m still using the free version :confused:

Good day! While im not totally in for the ipad mixer control as i have my two mixer popping up nicely with key commands, i was wondering if could have spectrum analyzer of my main out seen on full screen with ipad3. It would be great if it was retina compatible, precise. Tnx.

You could have that with V-Control, yes. The Pro version is $50 USD though, so I don’t know if that functionality is worth that much. It’s up to you, of course.

EDIT: Just read that the free version DOES have the V-Window feature, which is what enables you to see your plugin windows, but without editing features. This is probably good enough for you since all you want is to be able to see the plugin in your iPad, right? Hope this helps.

@Breeze; about recalling mixerviewsets with Mackie controller’s:

Post by DAWgEAR, Mon Sep 29, 2008 2:24 am

You need to create some channel view sets first (use the + button after you have things the way you want with respect to hide status). See p. 114 in the Operation Manual.

Once you have a few views set up, use the Fader Groups 1-8 buttons on the Mackie Control. The first button will recall the first channel view set in the dropdown menu, the second button will recall the second one, etc. It is the row of 8 buttons under the F1-F8 buttons at the upper right of the unit (this depends on which overlay one uses on the MCU).

Those with Houston have similar functionality but with the Sets button to the right of the faders in conjunction with the number pad.