EQ & Channel strip fields missing


I have been using Cubase 8 Pro for a couple months now with no issues. This new issue affects old projects, new projects; the problem is persistent.

Interestingly enough I noticed that at start up all the stuff on the left was gone, which I was happy about. But I have a feeling the root issue is causing this aswell:


I found these two posts dealing with similar issues:

The first thread had a solution so I searched for the mentioned culprit .vst3 and came up with this:

Oddly the one in the main folder is 0kb??? I tried deleting the other one/installer patchcache - it had no effect. I then deleted the main Cubase Plug-in Set.vst3 - it had no effect. I restored both files.

I have windows 8.1
AMD FX8350
16 gigs of ram
various 7200rpm drive
GTX 760

I ended up reinstalling windows. Rage is too small of a word to describe my feelings toward this software.