EQ curve flashing

This happens on my desktop pc, the equalizer curve in the inspector “flashes”, does anyone know how to fix it?
Windows10, cubase11 PRO 11.0.41

(I made a video but can’t upload it)


  • I tried to remove the Nvidia drivers and leave the windows ones but nothing has changed.
  • the same problem also occurs on cubase pro 10.5

That is odd looking - maybe like it is switching back & forth between the EQ on the Channel and also a Comparison Channel. The only thing I can think of (and this is really grasping at straws) is that a Control Surface has a flaky button that is switching between 2 states.

actually I noticed that even the PC keyboard has a strange lag (for example when I press the space bar to start / stop the track, or when I go to type the names of the tracks), maybe yours is a good point to investigate

This morning I had an epiphany: that it was something related to midi.
I disconnected and reconnected the midi cables behind my UR44C and as if by magic everything was back to working properly!

Whenever a problem seems totally mysterious, it’s almost always a cable


Smartest studio purchase I ever made


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