Equally spaced notes between first and last note

I have this scenario where I need to quicly position the notes inside two boundaries (two notes) so that they (i.e. these notes) have the same space between them. Is this possible? Anyone done this before? Thank you.

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Detailed solution.
  1. Make all the notes except the last one the same length. This can be done applying a Logical Editor preset (as @steve here suggested):
    -filter “property: property is set, event is selected”
    -action “length: fixed value, PPQ”
    same size
    This can also be done by selecting a very small note value and executing the “Fixed Lengths” function from “MIDI > Functions”.

  2. Set the “Snap Type” setting to “Shuffle” (this is also suggested by @steve).

  3. Select the notes inside the two boundaries and drag the first note to the left (if this doesn’t work, then the snap type is set to something else, not “Shuffle”).

  4. Create the following 2 macros:

Macros: "ShortenM" and "StretchM"

Step 1.

  • Open a “navigate to folder” window.
    If on MAC, in a Finder window hit cmd+option+g.
    If on Wndows, hit win+r.

Step 2.
According to the Cubase generation you have, use one of the paths below:

  • For Cubase 11 or older:
    MAC: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 11/Presets/Logical Edit/
    WIN: %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Cubase 11_64\Presets\Logical Edit
    (you need to replace “11” with whatever Cubase version you have)

  • For Cubase 12 or later:
    MAC: ~/Documents/Steinberg/Cubase/User Presets
    WIN: %USERPROFILE%\Documents/Steinberg/Cubase/User Presets

Step 3.
Copy the following files in the folder you navigated to, then restart Cubase.

Step 4. Create two macros like the ones below, then assign each a keyboard shortcut.

Screenshot (macros in Key Commands window)

Stretch Macro

Shorten Macro

  1. Set the Snap Type back to “Grid”, then select all notes except the last note (i.e. except the second boundary).

  2. Apply the StretchM macro as many times as needed.

Can you clarify what you want to achieve. In the pic the Notes are different Lengths. But your Note start positions are also irregularly spaced. Do you want to maintain the Length variations or Start positions. Maybe hand edit the above sequence so we can see what your desired end-state looks like.

I’m assuming you want something beyond Quantizing the Notes

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Sorry. I’ll admit I wasn’t very clear. I’m talking only about the start position of note events and the space that exists between a note start and another note start (something like what I recorded in the GIF posted below this paragraph).

GIF (Photoshop's "distribute left edges" function)

PS - distribute

Exactly. I want just to temporarily reposition the note events (not quantizing them).

I need to turn this:

… into this:

… without having to depend on the grid.

I think I sometimes have had to do this; calculating out the intervals and moving the notes by hand is tedious.

Is the OP question the same as asking for Cubase to do “n-tuplets” where n is a number like 5, or 6, or 11, etc.?


I’m not aware of a way to do this in Cubase, but I like the idea and fully support it as a FR.

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Use Shuffle grid
refresh page to see animation if nec.


Interesting. Never even knew this existed.

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Cool! It’s not exactly what OP is asking for, but I think it can be used as a workaround if you start with equally spaced notes and then “compress” the notes using this method thus maintaining the relative distance between the start of the notes.

Hm… maybe use LE to make the notes the same length, followed by the mouse shuffle.

Or Select and set using the Info Line.

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I might be misunderstanding, but the way I read it, note length is not part of the equation.
Some software call this function "Align horizontally/vertically " or "Distribute horizontally/vertically ".

Here’s what the function looks like in Powerpoint:
Eq Spaced

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This was actually what made me think there could be such a function inside Cubase also. In my case though, the inspiration was Photoshop. I guess you didn’t see the GIF I posted…

From post #3

PS - distribute

Is there a solution to this subject in 2023…in Cubase Pro 12?

Is there a solution to this in Cubase 13 ( Apri 09, 2024)?

Not to my knowledge. I also don’t understand why this topic has been marked as solved.
@alin89c Was this indeed solved?

To @wotar, @Chikitin, and @mlib
Please click “Detailed solution” to see what the procedure is to equally space notes. It is not a perfect solution, but it gets the job done.

Thanks for the heads up.

I don’t agree that your “Detailed solution” is an actual solution to the original question raised. Firstly, you loose the original note lengths. Secondly, it is dependent on manually increasing the note separation until “it looks right”.
Since the Logical Editor preset is using Multiply, every time you invoke it, you get a greater increase.
So if the distance between the first and last note (your “boundary notes”) is large, it is unlikely that you will reach perfect equal distance, as demonstrated in your own example.
This is the last frame of your gif:
Note the distance between C2 and D#2 is too small.

I would still like to see a “Distribute equally” function that only affects Note On events and would turn this:

into this:

I have created a feature request for such a function here.

Yeah… Well, I said it’s not perfect, didn’t I?

Pretty far from perfect, isn’t it?