Error in

Hello dear Matthias.
pls help me, how to fix it)
cannot run program cmd in directory
error in

i wait you :nerd_face:, best wishes


Try to install Steinberg Download Assistant as administrator, please.

Make sure the C:/Program Files/Steinberg/Install Assistant folder has the write permissions, same as all parent folders, please.

Hi, Thanks for the advice, but the problem persists

Did you performed a fresh windows 10 install? I have the same problem, can’t find a solution after 2 days, I contacted the support and no answer yet

There are many reports of this problem in the forum, but NOONE IS SOLVED. Unbelievable. I am sure it’s some kind of weird bug, but it’s unbelievable that nobody posted a solution for this.

Didnt work(

yep i reinstall windows, i cannot fix it(

i find how to fix it cool amazing, you have to download the old assistant, this link - Скачать Cubase бесплатно
ps administrator please do not ban, this is an old loader through which we can solve our problem)

Well, I talk Russian and I have no reason for not believing you. But… Be on my side: do you think that it’s safe to download an .exe file from a Russian cloud? :smile:

I am sorry, but that’s my studio computer, can’t risk. Can you explain why this “older file” works and why the newer not? I need more trustable information thanks

Спасибо, друг

ok, I tried to download the file on a secure system. The file seems to be safe, no antivirus blocked it. It is Steinberg_Download_Assistant_1.14.7_Installer_win

but after I install it and then open the Steinberg assistant it ask to update the app, obviously, so I think: if I use it on my studio computer does this solve the problem? It will ask for updating the app and use the same version, which is causing the problem