Error - No license to upgrade found

hi, I upated both SDA and the eLicenser software , then I applied my upgrade code.
eLicenser shows Cubase 11 Pro (Grace Period Eligable) in eLicenser.
If I input my DAC into SDA, I get a red-error “No license to upgrade found , please connect a USB e-licenser to which contains an approriate license to upgrade on your computer”

Am I doing something incorrect ?
Do I have the wrong DAC product ??
Thanks in advance.

I found the upgrade procedure from Cubase Pro 11 confusing, and I am still waiting for the verification pending to end. But 12 and 11 work, thought I get an error about a misplaced drum library.
I tried to redownload all the Cubase content just now, but the server times out.

Part of my job is helping people with downloads/installs/licensing so it’s not that I have no experience with this stuff, Steinberg should have made the procedure clearer.

It certainly sounds like the DAC isn’t quite correct. Did you get the DAC through the grace period process?

I’m sorry to hear that. Making the transition from one licensing system to another was always going to have some rough edges, despite our best efforts to smooth things out! We’ll continue to see how we can improve this process - your feedback is very valuable.

It may be that the congestion on the license server means that finalising the update process take a little longer than expected. If you need it, the process is well described here:

Well. I think I am out of the woods now. The upgrade process is, shall we say, convoluted?

I was curious, so I dove in. It would have been better if I had waited a week for the dust to settle.

It remains weird that legit owners struggle more with copy-protection schemes than with the actual program install.

Hopefully this will be the last time we suffer from the limitations of the eLicenser servers.

Glad to hear you’re up and running!

I managed to somehow upgrade from CB 11 Pro to CB12 tonight. The program opens fine.
But the elicense app gave me the same problem, no upgradeable license found. Someone said, ignore it and just open Cubase 12…I did, and it works. But where does this leave me? Is something not activated that should be? So confused.

If it says “non-upgradeable”, that indicates that the update has completed successfully and the license cannot be used for another upgrade