Error updating to 3.5.12 on Windows: uninstall, then reinstall using full application installer

I just tried to updated my system:
Screenshot 2021-02-23 120804

(Win 10 German)
and get the following error messages:
Screenshot 2021-02-23 120653
Screenshot 2021-02-23 121057

Have you tried downloading the update package again? Most likely your initial download got corrupted.

Unfortunately that doesn’t help. Same result.

Where did you get the package from? Via the Download Assistance?

Yes, via the Steinberg Download Assistance.

Just downloaded the installer from the homepage. Same result.

Yeah, I tried the same and it also fails. Looks like we uploaded some rubbish. I will alert people inhouse…

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We are deeply sorry for the mishap and are working on it…

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The Mac version seems to complete the update correctly (under High Sierra). Should we Mac users also wait for a new installer, or that version is not affected?


If Mac is fine, then yes, go ahead with the update. Then it’s a Win only issue.

It’s not fine on my mac, at least…
I mean, I’ve had a strange message about the e-licenser. I try again, after having done all the cleaning process in e-licenser

A Windows update with no problem.

Windows 10 update installed here without any problem.

It works in Win10 also here, Ulf :exclamation:

Hm, then only some people are affected. We need to find out what is triggering the failure.

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It worked fine on my (Intel) Mac, although the Download Assistant itself asked for an update & re-authorization first. That might just be because I haven’t used it since 3.5.10 though.

@HeiPet and all others,

I had the same failure and could rescue by following:
I uninstalled 3.5.11 via the Windows Control Panel, then installed 3.5.11 again and then did the 3.5.12 update, and that time it was fine.

So if you encounter also that issue, uninstall Dorico completely, then get the full installer for 3.5.12 via the Steinberg Download Assistant and install that.

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Or do not uninstall 3.5.11, but just install the full application installer for 3.5.12 instead. That worked on my system.

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Worked for me. Thanks.

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Hi @Ulf,

first of all: many thanks to your team’s and your hard work! Just installed the update (Dorico Pro 3.5.11 → on two machines and there was no install error.

Also, you may already be fully aware of this: there was even a specific KB by Microsoft in Sept. 2020 (KB834484), regarding Event ID 1603 and some general troubleshooting regarding MSI installer:

On a side-note - and hopefully you (or anyone here) want to make use of some additional information, IF perhaps also relevant (at least I think the following isn’t entirely out of context):

@HeiPet’s report does indeed remind me a bit of a series of MSI installer failures that I once had, also with MSI installers by Steinberg. Since - at that time - I’d already read some of Microsoft’s existing articles on possible problems and actual side-effects with MSI packages. I thought I’d never find a valid solution. This was in 2018 and 2019. While being logged into my heavily used local admin account in Windows 10 on my main machine, for months no MSI installer would work properly. There was always the same (or similar) cryptic error within the event logs of Windows 10 (among them was also Event ID 1603).

Then, after quite some searching, I was lucky enough to find the real cause within one of these more specialized Windows 10 forums. The answer appeared in an ongoing discussion regarding some sort of weird cross-side effects by third party software that could break an install process involving Trusted Installer and MSI packages. There were only a few users (like me) who constantly had their MSI installers crash to desktop, for no apparent or “logical” reason.

So, the real cause of installer failure (in my case) was: in late 2016 I’d bought myself a mid-range AMD video card. With it came two tools, MSI’s “AfterBurner” and the “RivaTuner Statistics Server”, both running as “harmless” tools via autostart, and before and after I’d never had the slightest problem with any of them (I also use the same machine for video editing).

But there was one specific version of the statistics server tool that must’ve somehow intercepted any running MSI installer, which then just failed and crashed to desktop. The forum’s advice was: “stop the statistics server tool once, it will immediately restart itself, then again start the installer”. This did work right away! After updating both tools, every MSI related install since then has been working flawlessly again, and so did Dorico Pro 3.5.10 and both of its updates to versions 3.5.11 and 3.5.12, respectively.
Before, and right into summer of 2019, I had to log into an alternative Windows NT account with admin rights, and only in there everything installed smoothly.

Cheers @ all