Essential component for playback has not been found.

I’m excited by some of the new features in Dorico 3.5. However, after installing today, I get the following message:

“An essential component used by Dorico for playback has not been found. Please run the Steinberg Download assistant and install the package: Dorico Pro 3 Sounds Installer.”

After the Steinberg downloader installed my files, I tried running them from the downloads folder. The program works fine, save for the error message. But I’m not sure what gives with the sound engine.

The earlier versions of Dorico put the Halionsonic material in its own folder on my external drive (J). Now, however, everything is in the Steinberg folder on the J drive. I copied this address from the address bar:

J:\Steinberg\WIN64\Dorico Pro 3.5 Sounds Installer

next level in:

J:\Steinberg\WIN64\Dorico Pro 3.5 Sounds Installer\HALion_Sonic_SE_and_Content_for_Dorico_Pro_3.4_Installer_win

and in that folder are the following items:

Additional Content [folder]

If I try running setup again, I am told that everything is installed.

What are my next steps? As you answer, could you please let me know what I can/should delete along the way? (I still have the original .zip file.)

Thanks in advance.

I would suggest the next step is to check Steinberg Library Manager to see whether it shows the expected sound packages, which includes:

HALion Sonic Factory Content
HALion Sonic SE Artist
HALion Sonic SE Basic
HALion Sonic SE Hybrid
HALion Sonic SE Pro
HALion Symphonic Orchestra
Indian Drum Basics
Olympus Choir Micro

Provided those all show up and are in the expected place, you should be in good shape. If you get no joy, please then do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here so we can take a look at it.

Everything you list shows up in the library manager, though it all shows up in my C drive And the installed dates cover a range beginning in 2012? I thought I installed everything to my J drive (see the previous post). In any event, I am sending the diagnostic report.
Dorico (317 KB)

It looks like the audio engine is actually finding all the sounds, David. Do you find that you’re getting playback as expected?

If so, then you can simply check the “Don’t say this again” checkbox and not worry about that warning.

I get no playback. And when I try to open the instrument editor (I think that’s what it’s called–the diagonal “e” next to the activate instrument button) nothing opens/appears. I am still confused why the library point to the C drive as the source of the files. I don’t want them there. And I’m sure that they were initially set up on my external J drive, where they are still installed.
Thanks, but still need some help.

Please create a simple piano score with a few notes in it, save it, zip it up, and attach it here. I’ll ask Ulf to take a look and see whether he can figure out what might be up.

And after you created the piano project, please create a diagnostics report and attach here. Thanks

Thanks, Daniel.
Here’s the sample.
Fuentes (351 KB)

Hi David, your sound library setting must be completely stuffed. When I load your project I also don’t get any sound out, because HALion Sonic is not able to find any sound. It shows me two sound library set that I actually don’t have and therefore can’t load anything. What if you launch the Steinberg Library Manager (gets installed along with Dorico), what sound libraries does that one detect? Please make a screenshot if possible. Thanks

Here is the snapshot. As I mentioned to Daniel, the complete libraries seem to be installed to two different drives (internal C and external J).
Fuentes sound library (496 KB)

Okay, so the libraries are recognized from the Library Manager, that’s good. Then, in Dorico, please open the Preferences dialog, go to the VST Plug-ins tab and scroll down and find the ‘Reset Audio Engine Data’ button. Press that one, close the dialog and restart Dorico. After launching anew, create a new, fresh piano project and enter some arbitrary notes. Then open the HALion Sonic editor window (yes, with that strangely shaped e-button). Is in the first slot then the piano sound loaded?
If the HALion Sonic window does not come to front, move the Dorico window to the side.

The HALion window did not open. Not under Dorico or any other window–I checked thoroughly.
And we’ll deal with the wrong drive issue eventually?

But you did push the ‘Reset Audio Engine Data’ button, right? Could you then please restart Dorico, create a fresh piano project, enter a handful of notes and then create a new diagnostics report, please?
We first need to get the basic things going, after that we deal with the wrong drive issue.

I did press the Reset button. I thought that Dorico would give me the option to “Apply,” but it did not. Just adding that detail in case it helps. I reset the engine again, made a new piano file, then a new report. But when I try to attach that .zip file, I get an error report on the .zip that says the file is too large.

It’s almost 9 megs.

Hm, there are several ways of getting the data to me.

  1. Use a file sharing service such like DropBox.
  2. Transfer the data to my ftp server, I send you a log-in via private message.
  3. You break down the 9MB file into several smaller ones.
    Which method do you prefer?

I will send it via dropbox. Which email address should I use?

u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de

I shared the dropbox with you yesterday. Did you receive its invitation?

Actually, no.