Essential component for playback has not been found.

I assume it’s different for the SE version?? My library manager says that I have the HALion symphonic orchestra downloaded and all the files say that they’re the SE version but it still doesn’t have any sound

I take it you have assigned a Playback Template from the Play menu or Daniel would have noticed that in the Diagnostic Report.

Honestly not entirely sure. I didn’t have to do anything extra when I downloaded Dorico on my PC so now that I’m getting it on my laptop I’m just not sure how to fix any issues because I didn’t have them previously.

Please create a new project from piano template and enter some arbitrary notes. Then do from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Dorico (346.1 KB)
There ya go! I appreciate the reply!

The logs look basically fine, but I realized that you have HALion Sonic 7 installed which I think is the problem here. There is a known issue with it and a workaround outlined in this thread. Please try it out. You just need the Start Server bit, not the set up for the crash logs.

I tried no that but still no luck. I also just deleted Sonic 7 since I don’t really need it and it still doesn’t work. The error message keeps asking me to download the Dorico 3.5 Sounds Installer which I have downloaded. Just not really sure what to do unless I delete and redownload everything.

If you don’t need HALion Sonic, then you can also simply ignore that pop-up. It’s just an alert anyway and Dorico will continue working if you just click it away.

Sorry I should clarify. I need it to play sound but if Sonic 7 is causing issues, then I thought I could just delete it. I’m more just confused because I have everything installed and the library says I do but Dorico keeps asking me to install the Sounds installer. I just can’t think of any ways to solve this problem.

If you’re using Dorico SE, I would suggest you download Dorico SE 4. I’ve added a Dorico SE 4 license to your Steinberg ID. To download and install Dorico SE 4, run Steinberg Download Assistant and sign in with your Steinberg ID. Under My product downloads on the left-hand side you will see Dorico SE 4. Download and install Dorico 4.3.20 Application Installer and Sound Content for Dorico SE 4 (recommended), but do not download and install HALion Sonic 7.0.0 – Instrument (recommended).

Instead, download HALion Sonic SE 3.5.10 from this page:

Then you can run Dorico SE 4 instead of Dorico SE 3.5.

That worked!! Thank you so much for your help and generosity! I appreciate y’all

@Ulf @dspreadbury

I have a potential solution for the this problem, which just happened to me with Dorico 5 Pro.

If the Download Manager and Library Manager show the libraries as installed, but Dorico still presents the error message on startup, saying that they are missing, then it could be that Dorico does not have permission to access whatever drive the library files are stored on.

On a Mac, going to System Preferences, then Security & Privacy, scroll down the list on the left to Files and Folders, click that, then in the list on the right scroll until you find Dorico. Make sure the Volumes and Folders beneath it are checked. If they were not and you need to check them, then afterwards you will need to open Dorico, go to its Preferences, go to the VST Plug-ins tab and scroll down and find the ‘Reset Audio Engine Data’ button. Press that, close the dialog, and restart Dorico. Then hope :grinning: Well, it worked for me.


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I’ve just downloaded the 60 day trial. When I tried to use Doric, a warning came up saying - please install Halion Sonic SE 3 - Content.

I’ve looked everywhere - Cant find this exact thing or Indian Drum Basics, or Olympus Choir Micro???

Remember - I’m trying Dorico for the first time. I’ve passively downloaded the 60 day trial and already it’s giving me warning signals that certain components required for playback, are missing…

It’s almost like it’s implying I’ve already done something wrong - No I haven’t. I’ve downloaded some software to tryout and I can’t use it properly because it’s incomplete. Steinberg have done something wrong because I shouldn’t have to go trawling forums and the internet asking questions about components missing from their trial software???

If you were the consumer, does that sound reasonable or fair to the end consumer? Say it was a new car trial - Somebody wants to buy a BMW. The showroom hands them the keys and says - First you’ve got to go to this place and install these components or the car will not start??? How many BMW’s do you think they’d sell like this?

People want to get into the car, put on the seatbelt, twist the ignition, look in the mirror, take of the handbrake and drive away…

People want to download the Dorico 5 Elements 60 trial, start it up and start entering notes, then HEAR what they’ve entered playing back - They don’t want to have to go on a wild goose chase installing components to hear a product!!!



run the Steinberg Download Assistant which shows you all the libraries available for the Dorico version you’re trying out. The ones which are recommended have “recommended” in brackets. Perhaps reasons why the optional libraries are not automatically installed are a) they can be quite a big download so can be time-consuming with a slower internet connection and b) many or probably most people, including myself have their own libraries they’d prefer to use.

I know Dorico Elements does not come with all the sounds of Dorico Pro. Does the trial version come with all the sounds of the paid install?

Hi @Simon_Love , please calm down and be fair.
There are many many other Dorico users who don’t have a problem with the installation, where everything goes smooth.
And yes, most likely you did something wrong during installation, namely when the installer asks for file access permissions on certain locations. If you denied that (maybe just out of habit) the installer can’t run properly and therefore you find yourself in the situation that you are now in. Did you read the posting from user ONM, just before yours? He lines out a solution to the problem. And if that does not help, I’m happy to have a remote screen sharing session with you and get Dorico set up properly with you.

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‘And yes, most likely you did something wrong during installation, namely when the installer asks for file access permissions on certain locations’

Not so - I gave Dorico full access to everything. It’s still giving me this warning each time I start it up.

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 12.35.18
I’ve tried to find these missing components in the installer but the exact ones aren’t there. I’ve downloaded the main one from the internet - HALion Sonic SE - Don’t know where/how I should install it???

What software do I need for screen sharing? I’m using iMac running 11.7.4

Kind regards


Just read OMN’s post. Here’s a screen shot of my Privacy & Security. Everything Dorico already checked/ticked…

I’m using Dorico Elements 5 60 day trial version.

I’ve sent you a private message. Did you see?