Essential Update Price

For some reason updating from 3.5 or lower is 50% off, but updating from 4.0 doesn’t warrant a discount. Dose anybody know why?.
Updating from 4.0 should be cheaper than updating from 3.5. Or am I missing something?.

Welcome to the forum, Jesper. We are trying to encourage users running Dorico 3.5 and earlier to move up to Dorico 5 because we are planning to discontinue the eLicenser service early next year. Once the eLicenser service has been shut down, it will no longer be possible for these customers to update their licenses (as the update process requires the eLicenser servers to be available).

We have done our best to target only these users with this promotion, and are not publicising it beyond the emails we have sent to them. I’d be interested to know if you received an email about it, but have Dorico 4, as we would ideally not have contacted you.

We have already offered the Dorico 5 update from Dorico 4 at a discount over the Christmas/New Year period, and although I cannot share any actual dates at the moment, I am sure that there will be an opportunity to buy an update at a discounted price later in the year. But Dorico 4 users are already using Steinberg Licensing, so there is less urgency for you to update: your update does not depend on the eLicenser service being available.

For more information about the eLicenser shutdown, see here:


Makes sense. Thank you.

Where did you find this promotion?
In the public site I see this:
from D4, and this:

from Previous versions…

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Thanks @Martin90, I didn’t look at the coupon!

I’ve been out of the office for a couple of days, so I’m sorry for the delay in returning to this thread, but it transpires that our digital marketing team did send this announcement to users who have Dorico 4, in addition to those who have Dorico 3.5 and earlier. This wasn’t intentional, and we’re sorry for the confusion caused.

We have now extended the offer to Dorico 4 users as well as to users of Dorico 3.5 and earlier. You can use the code UPDATE50 to save 50% off a single-user update to the latest versions of Dorico Pro or Dorico Elements.


A class act all around!


That’s generous. I’ll head over grab my copy immediately.

So this is just from an older version of Dorico pro to a newer version, and not upgrading from elements to pro? If not, are there any upcoming sales elements->pro?

Correct, this offer is targeted specifically at people who want to update from a version of Dorico that uses the eLicenser (3.5 and earlier) to one that uses Steinberg Licensing, but it’s only for updates, not for upgrades. We will undoubtedly have more sales promotions in future that will include both new licenses and upgrades as well as updates, but I’m afraid I can’t share any concrete dates at the moment.