ETA for 8.0.1?

Impatience, I know… any rough timescale Mr / Ms Steinberg?

It is Miss Steinberg :laughing:

Any word?

They never tell us until the day comes when they’ve planned on telling us.

When you are out they will deliver.

I hate it when they leave my download outside the front door in the rain.

^ It’s better than having to drive to the post office cuz no one was home to sign for it >:(

It would be verty suprising if they did release a point upgrade for a few months, it’s the NAMM show shortly and they’ll be showing off C8, Nuendo, Wavelab and, maybe a bit of harware.

The know issues in this release will be very easy for them to work around during a Public/Trade show.

Not sure I buy that logic at all - no-one working on an update because there’s a trade show in a few weeks?!

Can anyone remember how long previous .0.1 updates have taken?

There is an ancient running gag in the Fractal Audio forums that answers questions like this with:


Happy New Year to all!


How nice would it be when we are involved/informed in the time-line of development, it’s to open minded i guess :wink:(
Also in the earlier days there where Always beta-releases which you could use on your own risk.

It would be great to have these things back.

expect it around March. (just a guess, and not inside info.).

some bugs would require a fast hot fix imho. The cursor that doesn’t follow your mouse when zooming from the ruler is really annoying and the preset popup of certain plugins hiding behind all the windows and makes it not accessible :confused: Hopefully they wont wait too long.

The beta program never left and you’re actually participating in it! The only difference is now you get to pay Steinberg for the privilege of fixing their X.0 releases. Capitalism and consumer impetuousness :laughing:

^ And they bring back the “word wrap” ability for track name/settings. New way is retarded :neutral_face:

7.0 was released Dec. 5 2012

And the time-stamp on my download for 7.0.1, which might a day or 2 after release, was Dec. 19, 2012. So that was really quick, but they had some serious issues that needed quick fixing as I recall. So about 14 days, or less.

The 6.0 initial release is Jan. 17, 2011. For some reason I don’t have a 6.0.1 download but using Google to search the old forums (since forum search ignores “6.0.1”) it seems to have been released on Mar. 17, 2011. So 2 months to the day, which seems like it may have been a pre-planned date.

So if (big if) they schedule 0.1’s for 2 months out we should expect it around Feb. 3, 2015.

We need it before Christmas! :imp:
It won’t be Ready. :frowning:
It will be Released before Christmas!!! :smiling_imp:
Do you want it done right or right now. :wink:

Right now will do nicely. :laughing:

The manuals in other languages are planned for Feb (read the note at the manual download page), maybe because it must coincide with the update.

Thanks for the info - another month would be a pain. Would be good to get an update a month for the first few months as they work through the bugs.

It’s quite common to see something like, “Don’t hold your breath”.

But I’m gonna defy conventional wisdom. :unamused:

I’m gonna hold my breath. And if the update doesn’t come, then it won’t really matter for me, then will it? :cry: :laughing: :laughing: