Cubase 6.0.1 / Cubase Artist 6.0.1 pre-release available

Dear Cubase 6 users,

First let me thank you for all the positive and constructive feedback you’ve been giving us right here in the forums since we first released Cubase 6!

As in every “dot-zero” version, some issues are bound to have sneaked their way in and though we are satisified with initial stability, Cubase 6.0 is no exception. That’s why we’ve been working on a service release over the last two months, which also incorporates requested improvements, such as enhancing the ability to distinguish between channel types in the mixer and a very nice replacement for transparent events in the Project window. To make these improvements available as early as possible, we are releasing a so-called pre-release 6.0.1 version today. For version details, please refer to the version history, available at:

The updaters can be found at:

Cubase 6:

Cubase Artist 6:

Please note that as this version is a “pre-release” it has not completed our full QA testing cycle, although our internal preliminary testing indicates that it is stable and reliable. We also received a positive initial response from our external beta testers. However, please note that this pre-release version is officially not supported, and you install it at your own risk.

A fully supported 6.0.2 release will follow most probably end of May. In case you install the 6.0.1 pre-release, you will be able to update to 6.0.2 just as easily as if you were updating from Cubase 6.0.

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

All the best,

Helge Vogt
Product Marketing Manager Cubase
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

Thanks for the update.
The replacement has some severe shortcomings, though.
Look here :

thanks, Jan

Thanks for the quick pre-release version!

May I ask: where is the best place to submit bugs/feature requests?

I was unable to install the update on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit at home, autorun crashed always. However I had no problem installing it on Windows XP 32 at work.

I managed to install it at home unzipping the package and running each installer separately.

First of all, thank you a lot for this “pre release” and happy to test it, thanks again to all steinberg team.

As I was one of the first to raised the problem with Variaudio and project in 48Khz, this is of course the first point I’ve checked on the 6.0.1 pre-release and have a new anomaly now.

My system : WIndows 7 PRO 64 bits SP1, 4Go RAM

0/ Pre-release installation => No problem.
1/ Create a mono track in a 48khz or 44khz project
2/ recording a voice
3/ open the track into sample editor
4/ activate Variaudio
5/ selecting “solo” in the sample editor
6/ change note tonality with variaudio
7/ play to hear the correction => OK, get sound
8/ apply the change using “flatten” function
9/ stay into sample editor and click on play to hear correction after “flatten”=> no sound !
10/ unselect “solo” into sample editor => sound get back !

In cubase 5.5.2, whatever was the “solo” button (activate or not) into sample editor, after "flatten’ the modification, we could listen the modification.

If you need more information do not hesitate to ask me.

Thanks again

Best regards

1#: You guys seemed to have missed the point of transparent events. We need to be able to see the grid ALL THE TIME behind the entire wave form. If you can make it transparent for drag surely you can let us set it that way by default?

EDIT: I need to see the grid behind not only the part I am dragging, but the parts on the track above and below as well. And, it isn’t really a drag feature. It is an edit feature.

2#: Although fader knobs are not nearly as good for the purpose as the fader background, the colored knobs help.

*Audio and Group tracks are hard to tell apart even with the color set very high. (and this is the primary one I want to tell apart)

*The Instrument “green” knob has a transparency issue.

Aloha guys,

So what is: GB or DE?

Cubase 6:
GB: > > … ase_6.html
DE: > > … ase_6.html

(pure guesswork on my part :wink: )…
Language version… (just like on international car plates)
GB = English (Great Britain)
DE = German (Deutschland)

Merci vic,

What is posted is not very obvious.

You guys seemed to have missed the point of transparent events. We need to be able to see the grid ALL THE TIME behind the entire wave form.

Absolutely right. And we don´t just want to see the transparent event we are dragging, we need to see all events transparent !!! This has nothing to do with a solution of the certain problem a lot of users have. I have no idea how it´s called “a nice replacement”. Arrrrgh … Recording without a certain tempo (click, grid) and dragging an event considering the placement of another track, is nothing else than pure horrorshow…
Thanks Steinberg.

*Audio and Group tracks are hard to tell apart even with the color set very high. (and this is the primary one I want to tell apart)

Exactly my thoughts…if the track caps could stay white & the groups got the track cap blue this would be better imo.

Agreed. Absolutely confounded at same of these changes Steinberg makes. What is wrong with the old scheme in the first place?

Here’s my suggestion: allow the user to pick the background colour for the entire channel strip. We can pick it for the tracks, clips, change the GUI colour - why not assign our own colours to the channels? Done!

REading through the fixes list I dont see a fix for the rewire issue I posted about.

I received an email from Alex at steinberg last week saying you had identified the problem and would hopefully have it fixed in the next update…

Did you fix it?


Just installed and tested… Cubase to reason rewire issue still exists!

Not Happy At All!

This is the thread for the issue and before anyone says what I know they will say yes the problem is in both cubase 5.5.2 and also in Cubase 6.0.1

You would think if they have identified the issue then they would fix in in cubase 6 aswell…



I’m sure most of you know how to ask and demand things politely.

Maybe it’s not the patch each one of us expected, but sure it has arrived very fast and that’s something to appreciate. I think it’s going in the right direction. Let’s not spoil the good vibe.

I wouldn’t want to have any kind of communication with hating users, and much less to spend time and resources on demands made in a hostile way.

Hi Helge.

Thank you for pre-release.BUT…I will ask about the color scheme of channels only.
New color faders look as a joke - “as toy”, not seriously for me.I want to offer the scheme which
should satisfy all. Those who likes colors of channels in С6 and those who is happy with colors from С5))

Sweet Steiny!Make two fonts in С6, please!!First - as default with ClearType, second - without,for example, Tahoma or San Serif. Or add switch-off ClearType as an option at least.My and not only my eyes is damaged…with current fonts in W7 when ClearType and Aero is off.Situation is better when ClearType and Aero is working. But then other fonts blur in applications and windows for me.I was happy with system font Segoe UI when I didn’t use ClearType and Aero.But in that case in С6 the font is awful: ( Now I have been forced to replace completely a system font in the register.Now in C6 it is OK.But in some system windows it look strange and not customary.

Colors are user definable in the Track Color selector.

And what? I talk about default preferences.To change colors of created tracks each time, it isn’t convenient, isn’t it? My scheme offers two variants of a coloring.