Eucon 20.11

Anyone using the new eucon 20.12 release with C11 yet and noticed any updates to the longterm flaws in Steinberg eucon adapter?

installed but haven’t had chance to play with it yet

good news in the nuendo thread though:

Similar claims from Steinberg support that the’ve fixed the shortcomings with the eucon adapter and will be in the next release have been posted in these forums on a number of occasions over the last 5 years. It never appears, the ball just gets thrown back to Avid then they bounce it back to Steinberg. Eddie, project manager over at avid has been far more helpful, forthcoming and concerned about eucon performance in cubendo than Steinberg own own staff in this forum. He set up a Cubendo feature requests that Steinberg users would like to see implemented in Eucon, in the Avid support site, how amazing is that? Hopefully he’s been able to help resolve the obvious deadlock and we may see some improvements. Maybe the thought of Nuendo users jumping ship to Protools to go with their Avid controllers has given Yamaha /Steinberg the jitters and they’ve maybe had to pull their fingers out…

I’m well aware of the history and the various threads on the Avid forum. Eddie similarly has asked us for the feature list but really didn’t do much with it. He said he was given a NFR licence too. The truth is that it takes two to tango.

Lets keep our fingers crossed this time

"Anyone using the new eucon 20.12 "

Is it 20.12 or 20.11?

20.11 - that’s a typo in Outsounder’s post