Nuendo 11 is in the making!

Hi all,

I know that the news of Cubase 11 launch also means something for Nuendo users. Obviously, all
the new features that are now in Cubase will make it into Nuendo + some more very cool stuff, such
as something based on “artificial intelligence”. Spoiler!

Please stay tuned for more information to come next week! :slight_smile:


Can‘t wait! Thanks a lot!

ooooooooooo excited. The new sampler slicer like good old recycle from Reason is very interesting to me for Sound design!! AI hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

AMAZING. Thanks. All the Cubase 11 features looks great already. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for Nuendo 11.

Cubase 11 features look stunning. Also the interface looks really sleek, new functions seem very useful. Excited to see what’s in store for Nuendo.

I’m skeptical, Nuendo had 1 update in a year 10.1 to 10.3, that is not keeping the program up, as they said they would

I’ve been using C11 all day - don’t get too excited. All those longstanding bugs and issues are not addressed.

Some new plugins and sample packs. ARA2 has some long needed fixes but they should have been there at release.

You remember all those feature requests ? sigh

as far as i remember steinberg stated that the Nuendo 11 release was delayed at the time(few months ago) due to covid, and they were releasing nuendo 10.3 for free with all the new cubase 10.5 features.
now its seems they aligned with cubase releases and will release nuendo 11 with cubase 11 new features and of course the extra nuendo exclusive ones to :slight_smile:
waiting for it to upgrade :wink:

mmmm… it always will be like that unfortunately ,so many FR in the pipeline,it looks it will take decades if at all to implement.
i also somehow overwhelmed with the new features , although some are nice ,i hoped for my workflow like 90% for all other different features :neutral_face: but it is what it is, and hope next years update to be better to “my” kind of workflow or maybe steinberg surprise and add during 11 cycle some long time needed/requested features(which i dont believe will happen :open_mouth: )

it will take decades to implement if SB continue to mess about around the edges. It’s core improvements that users need, not a multiband compressor or some 1990s hiphop samples, most of us have that covered.

Like many users here I’ve been with SB since pro24 but this c11 is the least impressive update I’ve seen. It hasn’t crashed though so that’s a first for a day zero SB release. But I’m struggling to see what they have been doing for the last 12 months.

If my systems were not so reliant on cubase/nuendo I really think I’d be looking at other options and I’ve never thought that in the last 31 years.

yeah i know, im also thinking about other DAW, cuz this particular DAW evolves very fast and has great intuitive workflow and spot on features(even if less than cubase) and i wish cubase had them,cuz they just work without workarounds and clicking all over
if its in composing 'arranging ,editing and mixing

Thank you for this update Timo! Also very happy to hear that Nuendo 11 is coming soon – sounds like sooner than the normal several month delay. If so, that’s really great! Please continue to keep us posted!

I can not wait.
Nuendo makes our daily work so much easier with digitizing analogue sound carriers.
I can’t wait to see what’s new for Nuendo.

Though I too have some longstanding FR requests, there are a few things to consider here…
-I imagine running a business like SB’s means a delicate balance between keeping current users happy whilst also enticing new ones with features that are better or at least on a par with other DAW’s
-You bring out a number of updates with bug fixes, users complain there are no new features, and DAW this and that has had a significant upgrade with said new features.
-You bring out an update with new features, users complain that long standing fixes and feature requests haven’t been added, and DAW this and that did just do a bunch of fixes, why haven’t you? etc…:slight_smile:
-working in tech / games industry myself, I don’t think it can be understated how impressive it is that companies like SB are still able to roll out a significant update during a world wide pandemic.

Appreciate that there might be some longstanding feature requests/bugs that might keep some people from doing the things they need to do as well…

Thanks Timo!!! I’m excited for this! The new features in C11 look fantastic!

Thanks for spilling the beans, Timo.

Question: Will NU11 finally bring all those long awaited, repeatedly requested, unsexy basic features which users have been asking since ages, like the possibility to navigate through plug-in selection lists by means of up/down keys, recallable routing for external effects, full-fledged project data-import and the like …? I know many seasoned pros who would be paying happily for this update then. :slight_smile:

For some of us, the updates could be overwhelming. I’m still getting used to Nuendo 10.3 and bam! N11 is at the corner. I hope the changes won’t be disruptive for those of us who are not Pro’s. Just being human, and you know we love our comfort zones :smiley:

I see the complaints about how other DAWs have got features that Nuendo lacks. I respect those views, but I think Nuendo is really great. I have toured several DAWs, including PT, Reaper, Reason, FL Studio. I actually use Nuendo, PT and Reaper in much detail. My assessment is that none of the features currently in the other DAWs merit switching from Nuendo. For me, I found a solution to the things Nuendo is missing (Purchase a licence for PT and Reaper). They are all installed on my studio PC. So I use PT for mixing, exclusively, cos it’s so tailored to mixing and then Nuendo/Cubase for producing my tracks because I work mostly with Virtual instruments and not live band recording. I don’t think am really in a hurry for a N11 release as N10 is really working great for me, despite some bugs.

And in reality, the only DAW really competing with Nuendo is Pro Tools. Apart from PT, no other DAW can have a claim to rivalry except Cubase from the Steinberg family itself.

I’ve made my living with a DAW for a long time now. And with a sequencer before that. Eric Persing and I were beta testing for C-Lab and then Emagic together long before he founded Spectrasonics.

I certainly remember expecting various users to complain about a new update when it was released. But we have now “progressed” to the point that complaining begins before a single user has booted the official release on their system. Unless someone is now running the final release of Nuendo 11. Anyone doing that?

Perhaps there is a time machine available that no one told me about. I wonder if that got complained about before it’s release, too. Probably so… Now there’s a conundrum for you.

And also. Thank you, Timo, for keeping us forum members informed in advance of official press releases. Many of us appreciate it!

I hope this is about the basics, fixing bugs and making N more usable. I wonder if we will finally see things like:

  • hide in Eucon, fixed crashes with iPad app
  • improved media bay speed
  • fixed VCAs
  • fixed rx integration,proper autoalign post integration
  • fixed elicenser constant errors
  • fixed dop weirdness (tails)

We will see.