Eucon Features/Bugs for N11.1 Update

Hey guys,
I was thinking maybe all the Eucon people could jump in and discuss features/bugs that need to be updated/fixed for the upcoming Nuendo 11.1 release. Hopefully @TimoWildenhain can help us get this across to the devs.

I use an S3 and the integration with Nuendo is generally quite excellent. Here are some feature requests from my side,

  • Show/Hide Tracks being reflected on Eucon - It would be even more amazing if it could reflect the ‘Track Visibility Configurations’. Not sure if that is possible, but I recently did a mix in Logic and it was great to have Eucon follow Summing Stack (Folder+Group Buss) folding.
  • Track Layout/Preferences Recall - I usually setup a layout while mixing to have my busses/masters always visible and locked to the left side of the mixer. Every time I close a session, it resets this layout back to default. Not sure if this is a user error. Also, within Nuendo’s Eucon preferences, I always deselect ‘Show Stereo Output’, but it reverts back when I re-open the session.

I haven’t had any crashes related to Eucon on N10, but recently had one on N11 while releasing the Eucon project while closing a session.

Hope others can chime in with their requests/bugs.

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+1 on the show/hide track

I also get reasonably regular crashes in Eucon - usually releasing channels - either on close or when moving tracks around. In fact it’s about the only crash I get in cubase/nuendo and happens when I’m not actually using the Avid Control App.

The crash is actually in the AVID eucon dll not the Steinberg one - just disappears without a .dmp file- if you look in the application log (windows) you can see where it occurred.

the mute VCA track bug needs fixing - controlling mute status of a VCA master channel over EUCON ? Lots of threads about this: (while Steinberg are doing that they could fix the whole VCA fiasco)

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These are my most important points

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When is the N11.1 Update coming out? End of January?

In Nuendo 11…0 I am getting eucon releasing problems that are forcing me to “force quit” around 30% of the time when closing a project.
Anyone else experiencing this?

Didn’t update to N11 so far, but no problems with Eucon while closing a project in N10.3

I noticed this issue a couple of times. Hope they fix this.

I’ve seen this occasionally

All the crashes I’ve seen in the (windows) Eucon have been in the AVID driver though …not the SB one, the one that is installed when you install AVID Control.

Well I am on Mac using latest avid control. This has never crashed but will take a long time for Nuendo to release eucon or sometimes it says “thaw”.
After about 5 mins I just force quit steinberg. Eucon is still running. Perhaps I should try forcing eucon to quit.

Anyway all seemed fine with 10.3 however might go back to houston when that gets reinstated.

But yes eucon is the last to load up when the Mac starts up which adds about 30 seconds so I am thinking of uninstalling due to these repetitive problems.

Anyone know the best way to do this?

It says it uninstalls whatever you don’t tick/highlight when installing but doesn’t give option to uninstall whole application.

Euphonix system 5 mc pro app crashes (on the MC) when trying to connect to connect to N11. It works fine in N10.3

Hey guys, hi @TimoWildenhain,
just installed the Nuendo 11.0.10 update to check all the promised Eucon improvements / bug fixes.
I really was looking forward to this update and had a lot of hope to finally see these Eucon issues (which already exist(ed) for years!) are gone now.

But yeah, what should I say… Nothing, really NOTHING has changed.
Eucon exactly behaves like it did in all the previous versions! All the issues I mentioned above

still exist in the exact same way.
I’m really disappointed!

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general stability - personally I’m underwhelmed

another Nuendo / Steinberg Eucon bug: selecting tracks via touching the faders causes the fader position jumping to -0.06dB (doesn’t happen in ProTools)

Ok, the crashes seem to be gone, that’s nice.
Have 2 s1 for a year now, can use them now.
The Avid Control app is not getting the values sent back.
like when you move a eq slider or a send slider, nuendo accepts the input, but the value is not sent back via eucon. that means the slider stays as it has been and wont update gui or value. it does work sometimes. after removing the app from eucon and reattaching it, it works for a while.
the behavior is the same on different ipads and different android devices.

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As all Eucon controllers are advertised as “fully functional” in all Eucon capable DAWs, they should work / behave equal in all of them. So just have a look how the controllers interact with ProTools! This is the way they should intreract (at least to 99%) with all the other Eucon capable DAWs.


It seems that Eucon is slowing down Nuendo significantly (especially in bigger sessions)…
Doesnt feel that bad compared in ProTools.
Since the last maintenance update, it also takes much longer to close projects due to Eucon (so maybe the crashes are gone - although I have to say, that I didn’t have a single Eucon related crash back then - but now it is really slow).
So a tweak on Eucons “performance” in Nuendo would be nice as well!

Yeah, opening/closing sometimes gets stuck on loading/closing Eucon for quite some time whether I’m running the Eucon Control App or not. It is quite slow. Not sure how it runs on Protools.

I have this too on AVID S3.
On v10 it works.
I think the problem starts when I try to control a plugin.

This is fixed in 11.0.20.