Eucon in Nuendo needs a lot of improvement

Is there anyone here using Eucon console with Nuendo?
I am using Avid S4 with Nuendo and it seems that Eucon in Nuendo needs to be taken more care of.
The folder action and the visibility are not connected with S4.
I can’t use spill function on S4 like it acts in ProTools.
The direction of wheel is opposite if you scroll tracks.
Nuendo Window will not pop up if you are working with pan or want to edit your plugins.
I can’t even reset my faders to unity gain.
Control,poop,Option on S4 won’t work like you could select multiple tracks.
There are other functions are not be written in Nuendo Eucon which it really should.
Since Nuage is not on the market anymore, Shouldn’t Eucon need more upgrade?

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Hi @aacross,
there is already a Eucon related thread in this forum. Please post your request there, so we have everything Eucon related in one thread. Thanks

I know that’s not possible, but you can play around with Nuendo and Eucontrol (Tablet) macros to get something similar which might be beneficial to you. If you let me know what you have tried and what you want to see then I can maybe see if what I’ve tried may help you.

Is this on the s4 or in Nuendo? I can do it on both assuming there isn’t automation to override it. On my s1 I can shift-touch on the fader, and in Nuendo it works like in the past, ctrl-click or whatever it is.

It would be good, agreed.

The Fader reset on S4 is not functional, na matter I tried shift/control/option or clear/x on S4.
It works on Dock with Shift and also in Nuendo with cmd+click.:<

okay, Thank you!!