EUCON Update!

Please Update the EUCON adapter so EUCON based controllers like the Avid S series work as they should!
The actual EUCON adapter has several issues and bugs which already exist partly for years. I think Steinberg knows about the issues with EUCON…
here are just a few points, but essential ones:

  1. hidden tracks in the Nuendo mixer are still visible / available in the Avid control app / on the Avid S1
  2. Nuendo doesn’t follow scrolling in the app / nudging or banking on the S1
  3. the track switch keys on the bottom of the Avid S1 don’t work (shift, control, win, alt)
  4. if you open a plugin via the Avid S1, it opens in Nuendo, but when you close it on the S1 (using the “back” button) it is not closing in Nuendo and remains on the screen
  5. tbc …

I think there are lots of users out there using EUCON Avid controllers in combination with Steinberg products… but it is a bit of wasting your money if the implementation in the Software is not doing the job!

So please fix these EUCON issues, thanks

Yes! Pls!
+1 !!!

#1 and #2 would be huge time savers for me! Not to say the others wouldn’t be great as well…

I’m seriously considering the S1 and Dock. If Yamaha/Steinberg actually read this – creating a product akin to the S1 and Dock would be great. Or heck - maybe even a $$ upgrade add-on for full Eucon compatibility device so you can profit from it. I know Nuage is excellent – but many folks using Nuendo will either have the money for it, will already have an Avid product or something else, or will need a better low to mid-range option.

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Not to mention the fact that the Avid Control App still crashes Nuendo as reported by several users, including me.

Same here. The only serious option for me to invest in an affordable new control surface at the moment would be an S3 with Avid Dock. Since a Nuage system is still pretty expensive for many small to mid-size studio’s. What we need is a Nuage mini!! If Yamaha/Steinberg where to develop a Nuage that is competitive to an S3/Avid dock - like setup in the same price range, I am sure they’d have a winner! It would really fill the gap between the current Nuage system and third party controllers like Mackie Control (which I use now), icon pro, and Avid artist series.

We want Nuage mini!! (and a Eucon update too…) :laughing:


I use the S1 with the Avid Control App running on a Samsung Galaxy S5e tab. Everything just works fine and the whole system in combination with Nuendo would be just perfect for me… Unfortunately there are these essential Eucon adapter bugs… If they would fix the bugs, maybe I buy a second S1 for 16 faders, because ethe controller in combination with the Avid control app is just awesome.

Yeah a mini Nuage (affordable) would be a nice alternative as well!


UPDATE: I was in contact with Steinberg phone support and Avid Support, both assured me that they are (will be) aware of these issues and will try to fix them and get in touch with each other. I will be persistent on this one… so pls Steinberg, this is a huge need for lots of us!

thanks and all the best,

That would be amazing. I hope they can work out the issues. Thanks for the update.

They have been aware of these issues for something like 3 years now…

I know, I told them :smiley:
But I think if more people contact them and tell them that there are several major bugs, then hopefully something changes.
Just complaining here in the forum won’t bring us further… my opinion.


Unfortunately no improvements in the actual Nuendo update…

I still hope for the big 10.5 update to get all the needed Eucon changes so controllers work as expected.

I know that Steinberg bought an Avid S1 no so long ago, and I hope they bought it in order to check their upcoming EuCon-features ?
Fingers crossed, indeed, for some update which at least contains stability improvements for the smaller EuCon-devices and track visibility-features on the larger EuCon-devices.


Niek/ Amsterdam

Just do a Neucon lite - like an Avid PT Control with iPad control, and optional extra fader banks and be done with it. Why does another competing manufacturer gets to make better surfaces and control apps for Nuendo than the company that develops it?

Because Steinberg legally can’t include Eucon into their surfaces.
That part of Eucon was bought by Avid and since then they closed it completely for the competition.
For example, our Nuage systems have no Eucon control whatsoever.


And while it remains unresolved people here play the blame game, arguing why it’s the other company’s fault.
3 years without any progress for the user whatsoever then… :unamused:

It’s not a blaming game, it is clarifying the situation.

  1. Steinberg developed the Eucon Protocol. On the software side and -in collaboration with Euphonix- on the hardware side.
    Hence why for example the WK Audio consoles used Eucon. (And they still work perfectly)
  2. Avid bought Euphonix and closed down the protocol for every other Hardware/remote manufacturer.

So now we are in a situation where Avid changes whatever they want to the Eucon Protocol, and every other DAW builder needs to follow what Avid is doing/changing. A bit like they have -and are- doing with OMF and AAF.
I am not saying that Avid does that on purpose, to annoy the other manufacturers.
Fact remains that this is what is happening, and reason why every DAW builder always need to play catch-up with the newest developments.
And there isn’t always time to react quickly, or the resources aren’t there, etc …


Well I had an WK, I can’t remember installing EuCon to use it. In fact I am pretty sure it used simple MIDI because I emulated the control room section via touch OSC page on my iPad, to be able to control it from the microphone in the recording room.
Maybe EuCon internally uses the same MIDI commands with ports that are invisible to the user, but EuCon expects CAT connected network cables and not MIDI. The WK Audio installed a midi driver on PCs that was working with the USB connected hardware. Seems like a complety different implementation to me. But, yes that’s an “outsider” perspective because as you sate correctly, EuCon is completely closed. It was not needed for the WK, though.

In the end it does not matter, does it?
What I read between the lines of the feature request is the need for a working solution to the problems and/or the need for a smaller form factor/budget hardware.

I understand that it’s not much fun from a business side to spend huge amounts of money developing for a moving target and see some other company taking the profits (by selling the hardware). That’s why I spoke to Steinberg years ago about the huge gap between the Nuage and the CC121. It seemed their product management was not interested because apparently they thought the market is too small or they have been burned by (the terribly toyish looking) Houston. I don’t know. I disagreed strongly, at that moment there were no S3 and S1, just the artist range. People buy expensive guitars for thousands of dollars and I hear the S1’s are selling like crazy. I have an S3 myself and the unit is AMAZING with ProTools Ultimate. A gazillion times better than my WK or my old AMEK ever were. (It’s a different generation, I admit)

So while people have been screaming for bug fixes for controllers in Cubendo, AVID (who get a lot of crap in this forum) offer brilliantly working solutions, tightly integrated with their DAW for every budget and form factor.

There simply is so hardware solution working to the same professional standards as for ProTools below the Nuage if you want more than simple fader up/fader down for Cubendo. If you don’t like the Nuage form factor that means Cubendo is a lot less attractive. But that’s just my two cents. I know you and many others like the Nuage.

Yeah, my bad. I am confused because Eucon & WK ID development happened at the same time, and Martin Stahl was the key person in both.