Eucon/PT Control instantly crashes Nuendo 10.2.10

After a recent PT Control update, (which unfortunately happened automatically as I hadn’t realised auto update was turned on my iPad), starting the PT control app on my iPad will instantly crash Nuendo.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a fully loaded session or an empty one, it will just crash.

I contacted Avid support with a crash dump and after analysing it they told me this is an SB issue and the way Nuendo is interacting with Eucon.
I wonder if this might have to do with the Eucon adapter (it’s not been updated since May 2018) but regardless, it makes EuCon and PT Control all but unusable.

I’ve noticed other people are also experiencing issues, so I’m curious to know if a fix is in the works?

No problems here with the new Avid Control app running on a Samsung Galaxy S5e Tab. No Nuendo crashes, works fine. Except from the known Eucon adapter issues where SB is incapable to proper implement Eucon since years now…

So please Steinberg, update the Eucon adapter an make Eucon controllers / devices fully functional in Nuendo / Cubase!


Hmm…I use an S3. I haven’t done an update in a while. Can anyone confirm if this is an issue on an S3 as well?