Eucon - S4 controlling Nuendo

Hi, I have been a long time Cubase/Nuendo user and I purchased an Avid S4 control surface to control both.

When I’m working with Nuendo or Cubase, if I insert an EQ or Compressor on a track, I am able to access it on the Channel Strip Module (CSM) of the S4 (pressing the INS switch). However, when I try to call up a virtual instrument I have in Cubase or Nuendo the CSM’s knobs are completely black as if there was nothing inserted on the Nuendo or Cubase track.

So, I’m able to see and control plug-ins (inserts as EQs, Dyn, etc.) on the S4’s CSM, but Instruments doesn’t show up at all.

Does anyone have this issue?

Cubase/Nuendo most updated version (11.0.20) over macOS Catalina 10.15.7.


I don’t know this issue, but please feel free to add this to the major EUCON thread.

All the best

fyi: I can see and access the inserts on virtual instrument tracks on my Avid S1.
If you want to control parameters from virtual instruments with your S4, I’m not sure that works, because you can’t access a virtual instruemnt directly from the controller…

Iirc you can definitely control the instrument (VSTi) parameters using Eucon, at least on my S3 I remember getting excited about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

The plug-in’s remote editor should allow you to configure the layout as well. For eg. on synths I had the filters and ADSR mapped to the first 8 knobs, macros to the next 8 etc.

I’m moving studios, so controller is in a box. I’ll check and update this thread.

Hi there,

Thanks @chednb and @Splaaat for your input.

I’ll wait to see if more users can share their experience.