Eucon Support

just playing with C11 now

the announcements says

“Eucon Support: Latest Avid console compatibility [Pro]”

does that mean that the hidden tracks issue is finally fixed ?

to answer my own question…

NO not fixed


Can you mute VCA MAsters now?

Was not possible yet…


I didn’t see that as an issue previously - yes I can mute VCA master channels.

can you describe the issue and I’ll double check.

Thank you for checking,

I was not able to mute VCA Masters via Eucon until now.
Not with the Artist Mix and not with the Avid control app.

If I use my mouse or Mackie Control it works.


nope not fixed - solo works ok but mute does nothing.

I’m really not sure what they’ve done to make Eucon more usable…oh well it’s only been 10 years…maybe in 2030 ?

I think the most annoying thing is that multiple channel select still does not work. It works better on MCU, but it still not good there either, and Eucon has dedicated buttons for it so it should work…

What… are you kidding? They did not fix the visibility-thing? Steinberg, this is so ridiculous. You used full EUCON support as a sales argument in the past and you continue to do so… wo why on earth do you not fix the visibility thing?

they did create some more sample sets though :slight_smile:

Just noticed that the Eucon driver is the same one as in nuendo 11.3 and cubase 10.5

v7.3.0.6 - january 16 2020

so no update at all !

It seems Avid have just released Eucon 20.11
Perhaps things have improved?