Eucon VCA Muting bug - unfixed for OVER 4 YEARS!

For over four years now, we cannot mute VCA tracks from a Eucon controller. Steinberg are completely neglecting their Eucon users. Eucon has actually moved BACKWARDS in the last 5 years and I personally am now finding this very annoying. I’ve bought every single Cubase update for well over twenty years, now please Steinberg, throw us Eucon users a bone.

I first reported this bug in December 2016!


Please feel free to report this bug in this thread EUCON Update!


Thanks, I will do that. What I just read on that thread though… I can hardly believe my eyes! Are they really going to fix the Eucon ‘hidden tracks’ issue after all these years??? AMAZING!

This is what was posted by Timo Wildenhain (senior at Steinberg):
We’ve taken action in order to fix the following issue with the next .20 maintenance update:
"Hidden tracks in the Nuendo mixer are still available in the Avid control app / Avid controller"

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yes it looks like!
I started this thread due to real huge frustration on the whole Eucon topic.
Now it seems it pays off to be persistent! Really looking forward to the next maintenance update