Event Volume (aka Clip Gain) Improvements

Hello people.

While there are many ways to use Event Volume and accomplish any given scenario, the whole experience could be more pleasing and care-free.

Suggestion 1

Instead of using a macro to split a range and apply a set DOP gain at once (which is fine), it would be interesting if there was an option for the range tool to automatically create its own Event Volume Control for any qualifying tracks. Then for a mouse based workflow it would be a matter of “drag to define range/drag up or down to adjust volume”. Or “drag and press key” if a set amount of gain has been assigned to a key command. The benefit of this approach is an overall cleaner look, and not having to bounce to get rid of all the splits in the end.

Suggestion 2

Event Volume Curve should default to 0, and said zero should be at the center of the event. If the current approach of design is desired instead, mimicking a fader’s 0, an additional “pre-gain” trim should also be represented somehow.

Which brings me to the next thought. Wouldn’t it be useful to have a way to translate the event gain envelope to automation if needed? Or vice versa? And wouldn’t it be nice if there was an option for automatic “smoothing” of data, if we wanted to, that could be applied to the resulting automation curve in a similar manner to project auto fades? Smoothing all those coarse blocks on ranges made by quick editing into curves, steeper or shallower.

Suggestion 3

Regardless of the above outlandish suggestions, it would really be helpful if data could be displayed in a tooltip when drawing an event volume envelope, or hovering over a node. Right now everything is approximate and done by ear (not a bad thing), but the moment the user desires a specific value they are forced to work around the situation. (Split Range, Set Event Volume to specific value, then eyeball drawing the evelope curve from the top of the event that equals that specific value)

Any other thoughts or tricks that I’m missing?


I’m also curious to see if this will be taken in to consideration. Currently the way event volume is structured is quite basic and could do with an overhaul especially being able to see event node values and being able to use range tool to bring a selection up/or down

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There are many requests from waaaay back. Mine is just more recent. I hope we will see some improvement in future versions.

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