Pop up window with dB values when changing automation

When drawing automation with the pencil tool, we get a small tooltip/pop up window with the changed dB values.
This window is missing when changing automation with the small handle between two automation points or the range selection tool.

2022-05-26 12_20_06-

No window with the values here:
2022-05-26 12_20_16-Cubase Pro-Projekt - HCSONG_48KHZ7-09
2022-05-26 12_20_40-Cubase Pro-Projekt - HCSONG_48KHZ7-09

When using the pencil:

When using the handle or the range selection tool:

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I think it is by design.
When multiple points are selected, would you expect the values to show above each point, or only the first and last one ?
This is more of a feature request than an actual bug. There never was any values pop-up when editing multiple points at once.
I think it’s a better idea to put that in the feature requests part. :wink:

Usually when editing i.e. volume automation, you wanna make it certain dBs louder/quiter, so having the pop up window, like when editing with the pencil tool or just moving points, or any visual feedback is really needed. It is also there when moving multiple points. Its just not there when using the handles or the range selection tool.
Its just inconsistent. Thats why I marked it as an “issue”.


No, the values pop-up only shows for that one point you are grabbing, this is the same thing as editing one point at a time.

With the Range Selection tool, you are not grabbing any point, you are grabbing the range handle, same as when you grab that little lozenge when your pointer is hovering in between two points.

This is not something I would call inconsistent, but whatever.

So by this logic the pop up window should also appear when using the handle in the upper right/left corner, as there also only one point gets moved. Where is the pop up there?


I agree that this is more of a feature request, and I also agree that some feedback when using the range selection tool or the automation handles would be nice to have.


Again, even though the points are effectively selected, you are only grabbing the selection handle, that is why in one of the previous posts I said :

As @Romantique_Tp said, this is a feature request.

The standard Selection tool and Range Selection tool are behaving the exact same way here.
The only difference is that the Range Selection tool applies to all the points within the range (although the points aren’t visually selected), and the standard Selection tool only applies to the selected points, but the range handles are exactly the same, you don’t actually grab a point !
You just keep beating around the bush right here.

I understand, that you don’t grab a point directly, but the result is the same. You are moving one point in both scenarios, but the visual feedback is only there when doing one of both operations. Don’t you think it would be more consistent, if the visual feedback would be there in both scenarios?

And what if you are doing that on 50 points at once ?
You keep presenting the issue with only two points selected, but when you select 50, it’s not just one that moves, it’s 49 !

I totaly agree that it should be more consistent, but then it should only display the values of the first or last point in the range, depending from which corner you grab the handle.

I would much enjoy it if the range tool offered information for the minimum and maximum values caught within the range. I think this is useful regardless of the shape caught within the range, or the number of events the shape is comprised of.


I’m not telling it should show the values of all points, one popup window showing the values of one point (i.e. the nearest one) would be absolutely fine!



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I’d appreciate display of values for the range tool as well.
If several points are selected, a delta Value (maybe in addition to one absolute Value of one “example” automation point) would be a sufficient solution.
Not my invention, already implemented nicely in at least one other DAW …



i had a similar FR and it was closed by MODs

i had a FR for showing the actual DB value and the value change, and also very important , to use a keymodifier to make precise changes to value when moving the automation range up/down

I closed that topic because the main feature request was basically the same as this one. For your second request, please use this topic: Fine tuning automation points (i.e. by holding modifier key: SHIFT)

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