Eventide Ultrachannel Plugin FREE!

I’m surprised no one else seems to have posted on this yet but…


You’ll need an activation code… got this off gearslutz… 06EF9112

There do seem to be different codes about but it’s not a competition like the SoundToys promo a while back.


You beat me to it.

Both you guys beat me to it! :smiling_imp:

All you guys beat me to it! :smiley:

Thank you matjones!

“neilwilkes” beat all y’all to it! :laughing:

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didn’t realise it was a competition… i will try harder next time i promise…

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Anyone tried it yet?

Thanks matjones for the info…seems great!


Good :mrgreen:

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I know, the old age and everything …

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The code was sent to me (by a major musician’s equipment retailer). Is this thing good? I wasn’t actually looking for a channel strip plugin. I was tempted to buy the Ozone channel strip, but I didn’t even try it, since I already don’t know how to use all the plugins I already have!

oops! Ma Bad!

Looks nice but, it appears it requires an iLok. Do I have that correct?

The software yes, but not an actual ilok dongle.

The new i-Lok Manager is a great update to the solution (dispite the start up problems).

To open up whether to put your authorization on the actual i-Lok itself or on the computer removes a barrier for those not into the dongle scheme.
So now the decision to make both solutions valid is entirely up to the plugin vendors.

Me personally like my i-Lok’s :slight_smile:

I will check out the Eventide Ultrachannel after the weekend. Looks promising.

That is interesting because I have wanted to try the Softube Amplifier Feedback plug-in but was avoiding it just because of the iLok requirement. Now, perhaps I can try it.

I am not sure if Softube has implemented the computer authorization. I will check.