Excitement at finishing a track on Cubasis Android, but then deflated on Cubase 13 import

Today I had my track pretty much complete in Cubasis Android, and I exported the project ready to re-import into Cubase 13 and open the Cubasis file.

I was really dismayed to see so many issues, and I almost cannot see the point of the importer if all it does is import track Audio ok

If I just wanted stems, then I could import and use them in any DAW, but I wanted the hand-in-hand link of Cubasis to Cubase 12/13

I noted that all the MIDI notes were imported, but No CC info was working at all. For example, I had automation on almost every track, and none of this came into Cubase.
Also as mentioned many many times that I see in a search, none of the synth presets migrated over either
Also noted that a warped audio track also doesn’t import, and I noted this when i heard several things that I had warped in Cubase, playing out of time in Cubase 13

I just didn’t expect Cubase’s handling of Cubasis projects to be so poor
I noted another thread on this forum, but hadn’t had one reply from when it was posted last July(Devs not see that?), and initially, I posted on that, but then thought I would create my own post too, as its a very important issue

Hi @yertari

Thanks for your message.

While Cubasis projects can be imported with Cubase, there are some differences between both applications and the mobile and desktop platforms, which we’ve described in the following article:

In addition, please note that a Cubasis Importer update is planned to be released with the upcoming Cubasis update, which will address several issues.

Hope that helps!