Expand/Collapse Folder - Is there a Key Command for this?

Hello everyone, I’m trying to find a Key Command/Shortcut for “Expand/Collapse Folder”. Everytime I need to do this I have to use the mouse, is there a way to do this via the keyboard?

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They are under “Project” in the key commands.
Look for “Folding.”


Thanks for the info but it is not there for me, I’m using Elements 7. On Mac OS.

These are all I can see, so I’m assuming that is only available in the full versions then.

I had assumed it would be named the same as the tooltip.
Cubase Elements Screen Shot.png

Sorry for the misleading info…
I didn’t think something as simple as a key command for folding tracks would be a “full” feature.
Maybe it is somewhere else in the key commands directory.
You can search the key commands…

i found Toggle Folder Open State in the key commands and made one for that… however, it opens and closes ALL the folders in your project… not just the one you have selected… hmmmmm

Probably it’s late but I had the same issue today. the folder track is a track, so you may want to use the key command “Folding: Toggle selected Track”, in “project” key commands section.


Hi, on my Cubase 10, I just press Y to close all folders, if this is of any help. Cheers!

Y used to work on Cubase 10 but doesn’t seem to on 12 and it was SO useful!! :frowning:
Is there anyone from Steinberg who can tell us??

Folding: Fold Tracks
Folding: Unfold Tracks
Folding: Toggle Tracks
Folding: Toggle Selected Track

All these expand collapse folders in different ways. Check them out.

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Many thanks for the link gg… :slight_smile: I still do wonder though, what happened to the shortcut “Y” which closed all folders and was available in Cubase 10. All the best, Enjoy the good weather! Cheers, Prem

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I don’t think Y does/did something by default. Maybe you had assigned it to fold stuff at some point and the binding didn’t transfer over to 12? I don’t know. I don’t see a default key command assigned to Project Folding in the manual though.

You too!

Thanks for the keyword. As in many software packages, finding the right name of the feature is the key. “Folding” was not obvious to me. I was able to create a shortcut for toggling folding on all folders and another for toggling folding on selected folders (Cubase 13)