Expansion kits do not show in GA5

I am unable to get my two new expansion kits to show up in GA5.

I’ve downloaded the Simon Phillips Jazz Drums and the Marco Minneman Drums. Both show up in the Steinberg Library Manager, but do not show up among the list of available kits. I’ve downloaded and re-installed them twice and have re-scanned the media library, to no avail. I’ve set the default folder for my Groove Agent content and made sure the files are in their proper place. I’ve restarted the computer. I’ve searched the forum.

Perhaps related (or not), every time I boot up Cubase I get a message saying the Marco Minneman drums are not licensed. Both expansion kits were installed the same way and placed in the same Library/Steinberg/Content/VSTSound folder (my default).

I purchased the Simon Phillips drums specifically for his brushes and it is driving me crazy trying to get access to them after paying $80 for the expansion kit.

Please, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Have you opened eLicenser Control Center and entered the activation code for each expansion kit? Until you do that the expansions are unlicensed and will not load.

Hey David, problem resolved and you nailed it. I neglected to save the emails with the license codes. Had to retrieve them from the trash, license the two expansions and voila, all is well. Thanks.

Hi, I have exactly the same problem but have entered the activation codes. What esle can I try to actually see the Simon Phillips Kits?

Activation codes well entered, but the different libraries that I own doesn’t showing where they should. Also, I would like to transfer from its location (see attached document path) the Simon Philips library in my D partition SSD hard drive, but the library is not registered in SML. See attached documents.

Just found solutions (partly) for those problems here :


Read TroyGeorg post.

Still don’t know what to do with my Simon Philips library (no showing and not registered)

Sorry, its TroyJR