Hi guys, I’m new to the forum and absolutely exasperated. I swear by Cubase and know it inside out but can’t for the life of me figure out what’s happening here! Heck I’m the guy my musician friends call when they need help with Cubase lol

I’m just getting random temporary freezes in Cubase 7.5.4. I’ve turned off Autosave btw just in case. I’ll give you an example:

I open the key editor and select a note and then use the arrow keys to change the note pitch. There is a 2-4 second delay before the note moves anywhere. This is new and has never happened to me before. I thought maybe it’s a hard drive issue and the samples are taking time to load when I use the arrow keys to change to a different pitch. So I tried samples that were on a different drive… and then I tried a brand new project with just a simple MIDI track that isn’t routed to any output whatsoever and it still delays to change note. There are no plugins, just an empty project with one MIDI track! It’s driving me insane! It’s completely slowed down and frustrated my workflow. I’m on a very capable machine and this problem only developed very recently. I’ve tried troubleshooting, disconnecting any extra unnecessary stuff connected to my mac, even re-installed cubase from scratch, tried saving and opening the project on different hard drives.

I also get temporary freezes when I press play sometimes. It will delay before starting to play.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I’ve googled the crap out of this and can’t get anywhere.

Mac Mini Late 2012, i7 2.3GHz 16GB with RME UFX. This is a very powerful setup that has served me with no problems whatsoever for years. I’m still on High Sierra as I wasn’t sure if newer OS would support Cubase 7.5.

Would really really appreciate any help. Thanks!

Ok you won’t believe this… discovered the cause by chance… it’s related to my Magic Trackpad… when I use a regular wired mouse, i select a note and then move it with the up and down arrow keys and have no delay. Very very strange. Can anybody explain why the trackpad could cause this kind of lag? I click the note, let go of the trackpad and then use the arrow keys to move the notes up and down. Why would the trackpad have any effect on this? Why doesn’t this happen with a regular wired mouse?

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There is lots of info about this on the web. Do a Google search using the words Using a Magic Trackpad with Cubase.

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Yeah I did a search and found another person with the same issue.
No solution though.

And what’s bonkers is that when it’s happening there’s no way of knowing that it’s the trackpad causing this lag. So you still don’t understand what’s causing it and all I could search for was the symptoms… sluggish, slow, cubase editing note pitches with arrow keys etc. Didn’t help. I still don’t understand why the trackpad would cause this lag. Have it switched off now and using a regular mouse. Hopefully somebody else with the same problem will discover this thread and not be left wondering.