Export All Cycle Markers to Audio Files

Hi all,
is there a way to export all cycle markers in a cubase project as individual files automatically ?
Thanks, Frank

am having same problem have posted it in the PC forum but no replies - very odd, looking at the forums this has been an issue for people since 2006 and has been standard in protools since 2005 at least.

Cubase isn’t doing this for me, however I think I might have found a way if the regions are created / split by silence which is what I’m trying to do. What I’ve done is to export from cubase as a single file, then open it in Wavelab (if you have it ) and use the auto-split function. I’ve only just found this this morning so haven’t tried it in practise yet, but it should do the trick

Good luck with it- let me know if you’ve had any breakthroughs.

I thought about similar things - but my audio regions are to diverse to use an auto-detect unfortunately.
I thought of using midi to mark the regions and then split the file based on the midi file.
But still this is quite some work.

I don’t understand why this is not implemented…

I haven’t done it in C5 yet but I remember in SX3 it was done in the pool. Once you create your regions within the sample editor, go to the pool and select those regions and right click and select “bounce” or something like that and it will basically copy each as a sep. wav file to whatever folder u choose on your computer.

I am probably misunderstanding something here, but don’t you simply need to select the regions in the pool and select Audio>Bounce Selection? Just select everything in there, and all the regions get saved to separate files.

Or what am I missing?


yep…that’s exactly what I was sayin

Argh? :confused:

Thank you for the hint - but I can’t find it.
If I open the pool it shows me the audio files and the video files - but not the regions.
Am I missing something?

Thanks for the help, best Frank

Please have a look at p. 261 of the Cubase manual.

Ah, ok - now I see why this wasn’t working for me.

I wrote about regions - but eventually meant “cycle-markers” - is it possible to export all of these too ?

Thanks, Frank

Sorry, out of my depth on this one. But maybe a change of topic title may get more results…?

Good Idea,
changed the title and the initial message!
Best Frank


I’m using Cubase 8 right now and find it fascinating that this simple thing still isn’t implemented. I like to edit the audiofiles on the main timeline and not within the sample editor, where you can add region markers for easy export. Why can’t Cubase use the Cycle Markers for export as well? Or am I blind and this thing is now there somewhere?

Looking forward to learn something new. This is a comfort feature I badly need. :smiley: