Export an Audio Loop in Musical mode?

Hi All , I have created a looped audio file , its set to Musical in Cubase and follows the tempo as expected .

my question is , is there a away to store the Audio file so next time I drag into a new Project it defaults to music mode ?



When you will export, it will follow the tempo. But it has nothing to do with the import. As far as I know, there is no flag like this in the WAV file.

OK thanks , I was thinking about adding the flag some how many you can’t.
Some loop Libs like Acid and other seem to drop in and follow tempo .Wav and . AIFFs


Actually I think there is some kind of flag, although I don’t know what it is. If you import an Acidized .wav file into Cubase it will be set to Musical Mode. Like in the attached.

Straight Rock 1.zip (459.9 KB)

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After a bit of sleuthing it seems like you can set this (and the tempo value) by using the Media Bay.

If this field is empty you’d need to use the Defined tab and not the Dynamic tab to change it.


OK this is cool , So I can make a folder full of Loops and then add the tag via Media Bay ?

Yeah. But if you’ve got a bunch of files it might be worthwhile to see if there are any tools out there to Acidize files in bulk. Or maybe not as it appears you can easily select & modify multiple items in the Media Bay.


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Ok so the problem is I did cut the loop to a square Bar , if I export the same loop cut cut on a bar , Musical mode seem to be a default for .wav now .

even after add follow tempo (Thx ratio) see below it does work on file which are not cut square on a bar . the lower track was my 1st export after add the tag “follow tempo” nothing change when I dragged the file in. but you can still switch to musical mode inside cubase after .

file on top with cut on a bar and even without media bay showing “follow tempo” when you drag it in it follow tempo and is in Musical mode by default

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